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    First :)

    Basic Intro Kid

      Teleport should have become an ability in this patch so that no need to buy TP scrolls.
      Next article should be which neutral creeps are now good to dominate.


        Miracle invoker too

        Slim Shady

          First xd


            Topson - most of his shit
            Dazzle mid ded
            MK ded
            Arc ded
            Necronomicon removed
            Even quas wex invo nerfed
            On a serious note Universe - batrider. Must suck to be the best batrider in the world with how bat's been doing.


              I guess Na'Vi got the fountain hook exploit removed but that was more of a bug than anything


                Think the blogpost is missing some important mentions such as recent iteration of iG, specially Singapore Major Kaka's Lion or even Gh's Earthshaker, but very nice read as always ^^


                  techies coz of aui2000


                    Mind Control -NP
                    Sumails Storm spirit
                    Collapse Magnus
                    Ana fountain farming🤣


                      I like the way you mentioned Cr1t and Jerax. Those are hands down the best position 4 we ever saw on the pro-scene for that long.
                      And despite cheering for EG, I'm concerned about pos5 Jerax. I feel like he can't develop his potential like before (not only with ES but also with Tony for example)


                        I really hope we see some willow buffs, Cr1t having "some" success in his pubs really says a lot about just how far the hero has fallen. Her winrate was hovering just around 50% with a pickrate of about 7.6% (a little below average) prepatch, and the changes absolutely ruined her. A hero who was already slightly below average getting gutted when she's already such a heavy counter-pick hero that's countered by a lot of the meta really did not need the treatment she got.

                        Tu tayta

                          Damn, so I have Cr1t to thanks having one of the few heroes I actually have fun playing with to receive nerf after nerf after nerf...


                            I was expecting more than two entries in this article