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    "Best reasonable candidates [for Arcana Blink] are probably Death Prophet, Leshrac, Tinker and Lina, while the best candidate overall is definitely Jakiro"

    So you never heard of ENIGMA???

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      Yeah Enigma can get the farm and definitely benefits from cast point reduction on arcane blink. And they don't mention it, but i tried it on SK because his ult is cast point now, not channel, and it was actually pretty nice. It lets you blink first and the ult itself happens almost immediately, plus the cd reduction on it is nice. I could maybe see Tide getting it for the cd reduction too.


        The Arcane Dagger on Tinker and Axe is BUSTED

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          It's a bit of a costly upgrade from atos to gleipnnir, but it's worth it for escape heroes that rely on linkins or similar spell block seeing that it doesn't trigger linkins


            Arcane blink on shaker tho? So good.


              Forgetting about Shadow Fiend for Arcane Blink? The cast point on your ult after blinking in is so fast you almost have no time to react, don't really even need to euls someone to burst them down now.


                Feels like OP on point ignore any other initiators besides int, who can MASSIVELY benefit from arcane dagger cd and cp. Don't even talk about cores. When with Strenght dagger the only benefit many initiators can get is a damage only - slow are meaningless when you stun at same time.

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                  i found that swift blink pairs really nice with morph and jugg, especially juggs ult and swiftslash.


                    the article is so poorly written, its not in depth at all, arcane blink is great on a lot of initiators and especially magic sf and tinker, falcon blade is arguably the worst item of all and we definitly wont see "lot of it", meanwhile orb of corrosion is purchased in every game ive seen so far, sometimes even 2 or 3 times in the same team (not saying its good to have multiple)


                      The main use of overwhelming blink is to cancel another blink. Have you ever chase someone with blink and they just blink out the time you blink in? Having damage attached with blink prevents escape.

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                        Eternal Shroud is maybe an every game purchase on centaur, unless you definitely require a pipe for the team. Pop it and use double edge on some creeps, and it's like a soul ring that turns the enemy's HP into mana


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                            orb of corrosion is too overrated, literally every pos 4 melee-rambo type such as bara and earth spirit always go with this item

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                              Excuse me in what world is orb of corrosion only good on position 4 heroes? I've seen high MMR pos 3s and p1s buy it very frequently, only skipping it if they aren't laning vs melee. This article is hardly even an analysis, anybody could read the patch notes and gain the same level of understanding, if not more, than what is presented here.


                                Tested arcane blink on Doom, thought it worked pretty well. Doom being the farm machine he is can farm it pretty quickly, and combining it with War stomp (neutral centaur stun), you can do an instant blink / stun followed by a sped up ulti (or blade to remove linkens), lowering its cooldown as well. Really good against targets with Linkens / Manta to try to stop your ulti.

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