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One-Eyed Wolf

    what, first ?


      second. dotabuff sure loves TNC. i hope SEA gets its first TI Champions


        TNC getting much attention, particularly Tims lmfao


          Total number of heroes banned ALWAYS greater then heroes picked, check all last tournaments. EPICENTER: 12 / 7 (not picked / not banned), Starladder 23 / 20, MDL DinsneyLand 20 / 15, AMD Sapphire 23 / 20, Dreamleague 21 / 19 and so on.


            I think you are misreading the stats or looking them up from some other source.
            110 total contested heroes, 7 ignored
            Of 110 contested, five were banned, but never actually picked, for a total of 105 total picked heroes.
            Of 110 contested, 19 were picked, but never banned, for a total of 91 total banned heroes.


              all wrong here.