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    if she is neverfed my mmr down


      Yes she needs a nerf. That shackleshot is extremely broken when you try to dodge it or run with high ms. It goes weird.


        I don't play Windranger much but i can see why people dislike her, being disabled for almost 4 seconds while getting deleted off the map in this time is frustrating and feels like bullshit, kind of like getting insta killed by PA before being able to respond in one bash duration. However i don't want to see her [Wind] nerfed, in the late game teamfights she can only focus one person and although only 15 seconds CD on her ult she's kind of useless against the other 4 in that duration with the exception of throwing a shackleshot (which she likely used on that one target anyway).

        Shackle should disjoint though!

        Just some scrub's thoughts..

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        Lil Bảnh

          WR doesn't need a huge nerf! WTF why do people always keep asking for nerf when they suck at playing against the hero? I agree with ability to disjoint shackle. Other than that, WR is a balanced hero.


            nerf shackleshot by allowing it to be disjointed

            and I think you're pretty much done


              Yeah, she doesn't need a huge fix, just disjoint shackle and maybe fine tune the double shackle to not work so weirdly. It's really not hard to win against a windranger, but like any hero should be, she's strong against certain lineups.


                If wr doesn't diserve a nerf, why did we nerfed troll?

                he deal less, is more tanky, just because they used to build full tank, deal less damage, is less mobile, has a crappy slow and a miss instead of a 100% evasion/slow and a stun.

                On a more serious point: wr is in a very defavorable meta, yet she perform too well. similar to how ww was performing okeyish is 6.84, while we had a full nuke meta;
                We shifted a very little toward physical meta, and BAM ww fucking OP.

                In 6.86 we might shift a little more toward physical meta (sf will most likely take a nerf, qop too, gyro mb also. tuskar will most likely take one, mb shaker aswell. And that's all wind need to shine even more, cause if we shift toward physical meta, that mean less defensiv sup (houray for wind, no1 can stop her from killing som1!) that also mean less defensiv item on core, else they'll do 0 damage (2nd Houray for wind, core will be even easier to take down !)


                  No, WR doesn't deserve any nerf. The winrate is not as broken as sniper / Lesh was.


                    No nerf needed! I never heard anyone complaining about other RELIEBLE range stuns like SVen or Skeleton King have. So for you its OK when Sven stuns 5 ppl dealing 1250 damage, but you crying that could not escape shacklehot that deals no damage????

                    I had many games where i did amazing shacle, my teammate got a kil and i didnt even get a money for assist!


                      disjointable schackle and onward.


                        >implying techies are broken

                        I'm the cube

                          Windranger and Earth Spirit should be fixed:
                          Windrangers Shacleshot is inflicted depends from target movement(valve please fix it)
                          Earth Spitirt's Boulder Smash depends from ES rotation, but most of the players thinks that it depends from position

                          F T G

                            Ive played a good amount of wind and shackle needs tweaking as it does land at bizarre angle but if you cant handle wind outside of dodgy shackles it means you have done what everyone does versus PA and back when troll was a hero (RIP) by picking alot of right click and few nuke. Then windrun looks OP as hell But huskar is OP versus all magic and Terror a strong hero vs a physical damage strat. If you want to blame this hero for a loss due to "imbalance" then why is her winrate in competitve win rate higher with slardar with her. She isnt purely a solo game winner unlike lesh was. Also she needs Boots(phase), Mana regen(bottle) and AGS to get more consistent kill thats 6450 gold.

                            She needs alot of money with no farming tool (gleave, claive, illusion) unlike other mid like SF or QOP or Lina who have spell to help farm.
                            She punishes positioning which all dota player try to get better at so easy to be annoyed by the hero.
                            And also nerfing in the last patches has been extreme go ask Storm spirit he had the nerf shotgun from ice frog and if people dont see what enables hero to be strong (slardar -armor + reliable stun due to radius) we will have a pool of few hero each patch that a op as all hell while the others are unusable.


                              wr shackle should be nerfed , because it has a low risk/high reward , and even if your fast enough to blink away from an incoming blink+shackle from wr if you are unlucky you get hit by the shackle in a weird position. not the best english i know but i think you get the point


                                No. Windranger is fine. I agree with the article. Her buffs were long overdue. I wrote a post on leddit awhile ago saying that she needed a buff, and lo and behold, he got exactly that. She's a great hero.


                                  This hero is stupid and broken as shit nerf pls


                                    That Shackle even can teleport whole map.its Must nerf!


                                      No Windranger doesn't deserve a nerf at all. She is a very balanced hero. In fact her winrate was only 34% and not broken like Leshrac's. I however agree with the fact that the shackleshot should be made disjointable. Apart from that this hero doesn't deserve any nerfs because there are ways to counter and handle a Windranger easily.

                                      bAlAnCeD mAtChMaKiNg

                                        Absolutely, I've had shackles latch at over 700 range. Honestly just reduce shackleshot duration and windrun cooldown and shes fine.


                                          shackles need to be nerf


                                            IMO she doesn't deserve a nerf, other heroes that matchup her need a buff.


                                              nope. ffs get a fookin linkin. ez win


                                                The fact that she has the threat to destroy you with just Aghs+1 damage item is damn annoying.

                                                Sergeant Papika

                                                  fix the way shackleshot interacts with moving targets so it makes more sense (and maybe make it disjointable?) If wr is in front of you, and you blink to the side after she shackles, the shackle will curve to come at you, but it will connect not from the angle it chases you from - but from the angle WR shoots it. So despite the fact that that shackle is coming from your side, it will latch as if its coming from in front of you.

                                                  TBL TBL TAKUT BANGET LOCH

                                                    WR is lazy hero, each games with wr picks are so annoying.. even noobs now pick wr now.. 1st skill stun duration is too fking long, and particle cannot be evaded with blink, invis or forcestaff either.. 2nd skill burst area damage and range make her ez fast farm.. 3rd skill cooldown and duration too imba, its like forever anti-physical damage without mkb.. need nerf definitely.. this hero is broken.. 100%

                                                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                      Either Shackleshot needs a duration decrease when it latches or have it able to be disjointed. Being latched for 4 out of every 12 seconds in a teamfight is literally not fair.


                                                        imho there should only be some tweaks to her shackleshot
                                                        1. it can be disjoint
                                                        2. deal minimal damage. perhaps 10dmg just so that it counts as an assist.


                                                          No offense to all wind players, however I would love to be able to do something when I'm stunned for 4 seconds and then destroyed. 4 seconds is the equivalent of primal roar

                                                          DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                            Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 36.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                                                              I think the only change that should be made, if shackleshot hits two living things, and one dies, it should be disjoint. Same if a tree is broken that it is attached too


                                                                Cooldown on her ulti is broken, cooldown on her windrun is broken and last too fucking long, shackle is the most broken ability and it also looks bugged, sometimes you get shackled almost in a "V" shape and it fucking sucks, she deserves a big nerf, its a skilless hero.

                                                                Relative win

                                                                  No guys, she is alright, only if you dont know how to play against her, thats the real problem!


                                                                    You forgot the most important buff:
                                                                    Focus Fire now remains sticky on the target it is cast on.
                                                                    This means that Windranger can change targets and when returning to the original target, her attack speed bonus will resume.


                                                                      This hero is not super strong, but it is super universal and it fits to any pick, that may be a problem

                                                                      Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                                        Shackleshot must be nerf. It can follow you ANYWHERE. Other skills are fine


                                                                          She's fine.You just need how to counter her.Yah,sometimes shackles suck.

                                                                          კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                            shackle's absolutely fucked; and when i say fucked i mean fucked up like your gran was on new years' eve... you can fire off a perfect shot against the trees, but because the shackle projectile is quite slow it ends up hitting a lateral-moving target at a 45~ degree angle and you miss, and vice-versa with panic-casts that should by all means miss end up shackling you to trees that shouldn't even be in the latch range. Either needs a rework or a serious adjustment because in current state is too luck-based. Everything else about hero is fine (aside from the ultimate but it's not as big a deal as shackle)


                                                                              That ranga sl*t needs an actual mana cost on her ultimate. why does it cost as much as her powershot? while they're at it make that stupid shackleshot disjointable, or let it stun the first target but only ensnare the second one.


                                                                                She might not need an overall huge nerf. But shackleshot is ridiculous. Maybe nerf shackle and give her a few stats instead idk.


                                                                                  If shackleshot becomes disjointable then we're done, she doesn't need anything other than that. The problem with blinking away form a shackle is that 99% of the time t will latch to a tree or an ally in the location in which you blinked. Just like skywraths ridiculous concussive shot, shackle needs to be disjointable, it doesn't make any sense that a piece of rope can change direction in midair, and somehow hit you 1500 range away.

                                                                                  the storm that is approac...

                                                                                    Shackle disjointable and we're gucci.


                                                                                      6.86: Shackleshot is now disjointable.



                                                                                        Shackle disjointable plz

                                                                                        RANK 150 SMURF (NOT TOXIC)

                                                                                          reduce the stun on shackle to just 3.25s would be nice and make it disjointable


                                                                                            Windrunner should be removed from game even before last 2 buffs so dunno wtf is this dude in article saying maybe he is drunked.

                                                                                            Relative win

                                                                                              So okay if you need to nerf her, nerf just shackle, other things are perfectly fine...


                                                                                                Just make shackle shot disjointable and its ok. :D


                                                                                                  If you people want to nerf her, then think again!
                                                                                                  She is not get any goddamn buff or nerf in this 6.85 meta, also she also have counters too, her win rate is about 39%!
                                                                                                  => SHE DON'T DESERVE A FUCKING NERF!!!!


                                                                                                    Huh? Shackleshot the broken skill? I thought the windrun was the big problem. Can't even chase her when you have 522 movement speed and she's been hit by atos (not to mention the 100% evasion from level 1). That skill should at least ramp up more slowly and have a much longer cooldown.


                                                                                                      Well i have an idea, make shackle somewhat identical to pudge's hook when casting (a skillshot), that means you'll have a straight line and if that hits it will be like a normal shackle