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    cool ^^


      Its a shame they changed oracle again.
      The first changes they did, especially the ultimate nerf, were understandable.
      I didnt like them, and i think he got "overnerfed", but i guess it was kinda necessary to nerf him in general.
      I do NOT understand why valve decided to make him even worse when it comes to interesting opportunities and combos.
      I feel like the last patch is a huge nerf for him, and makes him quite boring in addition.


        But now you can use Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames x2 on lvl 2.


          I've already found 4 articles claiming that bloodstone got a mana regen nerf. Why do people keep thinking that?

          You should really fix that. (Under the timbersaw part)

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            The whole sentence sounded really confusing. I've reworded it - never meant that bloodstone was nerfed in terms of mana reg.


              well well well..
              PL in the Pub Losers? Yea, they fuckinly idiot. PL goes for Vlads af


                icefraug 2k mmr in action


                  as PL and Invoker player, i dont quite agree, it depends on how u play. Maybe you can check my dotabuff profile.

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                    spiritual state

                      Disagree about Oracle, after playing ~10 games with him so far at 4.7k mmr I get the feeling that he is a really great nuking and healing support. Kinda like a ranged Omni. I encourage you to try it out before going to the conclusion that Oracle is trash.


                        I don't really think the hero is trash. He is objectively weaker in pubs (hence the decrease in Win Rate), but can be a good nuker, as you said. What I feel cheated about is the Fate's Edict becoming a lot less relevant as a DPS booster and spammy fortune's end with less of an impact. Kinda feels like it is from *that* game rather than from Dota(


                          "Personally, I am not a big fan of RNG, but in certain matchups a 40% chance of interrupting a big channeling spell is better than 0%."

                          Come on, if you put your mouse over mkb, 4 cm on the left of this, it highlight a 35% xD.

                          амогус абобус

                            pfff, who fix leshrac? ~50 damage from 3 skill, and then?He is very powerful hero, because he hasn't any escape, he one of the best DPS hero in dota, but his 1 problem - antimage + huskar(I play leshrac ~2 hours ago, 8 0 7 , some kills I gift to my friend)


                              Блять а где по русски?

                              kacks# ?

                                I dont think i have lost once with the new oracle - yeah was made a little simpler but that does not mean he is weaker. He does need experience tho, so i tend to run him in solo / dual offlane. His level 7 and maxed purifying flames is just too strong right now, he basicly has the same nuking power as a lina on a much lower cooldown.

                                I'm the cube

                                  Lol riki have 2% winrate increase cuz of zero-cooldown diffusal blade - If he buyed diffusal, then dusts are useless so u should use gem of sentries.

                                  I'm the cube

                                    and oracle should be played with team:
                                    a) 2,5 root every 8,5 secounds (6 cd + 2,5 chanelling) is really amaizing
                                    b) His ulti is much better than grave because it's almost total anti-control for your teammate
                                    Hero with such abilities can't be in Tier 6 section...


                                      I agree with the article on oracle. The unit is boring, broken, and has now lost most of his synergy with units like PA and sniper. Its almost like a crappy version of Omni Knight.

                                      < blank >

                                        It'd be more useful to see the win rate of a hero in every bracket
                                        cuz Heroes like queen,ember and meepo are definitely not tier 5


                                          Um... why is someone in "Normal Skill" and "High Skill" games allowed to write these analyses?


                                            Doom Pick/Win rate skyrocketed and he didn't got mentioned .-.


                                              the simpler the hero is to play, the higher the winrate..

                                              Keep Awake

                                                @BD Because they got tired of waiting for your submission! No seriously, if you write something of good quality like this, they might post it.


                                                  I assume this is ranked + pub stats but is there a way to only get ranked stats above a certain mmr lets say 4.1k ?
                                                  would be nice to know thanks


                                                    Pub losers Faceless void wtf?
                                                    More like pub destroyer he absolutely destroys pubs if you get a good 20 min farm
                                                    at about 30 mins i have my boots mom mkb & dae enough to destroy nearly anything,coupled along with his chrono semi detection he's an absolute pub destroyer as long as you tell yuor team what you will be doing and actaully know how to play him well


                                                      You can't take that seriously in every aspect, hero picks are extremely situational, so if a pick is good even the "worst" heroes can be amazing.
                                                      A lot of low Winrate heroes are really strong, but some/most people just don't know how to play them (IO, Oracle, QOP,...)



                                                        Is it possible to do one for higher mmr games only? or atleast Very high skill+?


                                                          We are considering these. Personally, I would really like to work on something like that, since I feel like a lot of these stats do not represent my games particularly well and cater for average players instead. It doesn't mean the insights are wrong, but the stats would look very different when it comes to "hard to master" heroes.


                                                            Enchantress certainly not pub thrower.On the contrary she can be a free win


                                                              Can we just take the 1,2, and 3k's out of the equation?
                                                              They just awful,runing the society,trolling and just straight up retards that feed

                                                              Fv is pretty easy just jung for 20 mins staright make some rotations here and there and its a near 100% win even if your whole team already dc'ed


                                                                lol ta in pub losers. which idiot made this?


                                                                  I wanna comment on the timbersaw part.
                                                                  I think most people just dont understand how timbersaw is best played, the post explaned that timbersaw is "outclassed" by other offlaners and cant get much done later on. Although I agree that he is useless when the opponent team got their BKB's, it doesnt mean he cant wait a bit and go for their non BKB supports or teamates. And I see alot of players using timbersaw as a tanker, yes I do agree that he is quite tanky given points into his passive and having an early bloodstone, but I like to play him as a full on nuker, even with late game, 2 chakrams have really huge damage, with only an 8 sec cooldown, and I remind you the cooldown starts as soon as you deploy those chakrams not when the chakrams return. Fix him up with an aghs and octarine and he is really unstoppable, dont forget blink dagger aswell, really usefull and could make him one of the hardest hero to kill.

                                                                  Point is, Timbersaw is my favorite hero and I have a 71% win rate with this hero, 117 wins. It saddens me to see timbersaw having only about 5% in pick rate and I think about a 45% win rate. If people really practiced this hero and memorized every tree in the map, lol, he coulld be the next pubstomper, being really strong in early, mid n lategame in my opinion.


                                                                    @h4voc he's going off of win rates you imbecile.


                                                                      i can't really agree with lina in lesh they can still accomplish good things not as strong as before but not too far from before so in reguards really strong hero still and jug should be higher hes still really strong specially with lina being less picked


                                                                        Whoever thinks Oracle got "buffed" is an idiot, straight up nerf

                                                                        Derp's missing tax files

                                                                          Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 37.94% win rate. Although it is a challenge, together the Dota 2 Community has the ability to fix this tragedy. Please help. As gamers, we can make Dota 2 a better place.


                                                                            Jesus, is everyone commenting here literally downs or what ? The categories are based on the winrate, also, the differences between skill levels are not that big (for example, PL winrate, very farm dependent carry who needs some space to come online is only 1% different between normal and very high) and last thing, the skill at which the author is, doesnt matter, as long as it's something decent, he's not commenting on his own games by any means, all he does is analysing the winrates and theorycrafting the reasons why the winrates are what they are, that's all this article is about. So please, if you dont understand what the percentage sign next to the categories means, you probably couldnt write anything even close to this.


                                                                              Spectre is so OP. Yesterday, i lost 2 games against him in a row. So next, i pick him 5 times and 5 win streak with spectre. Ranked btw.

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                                                                                It's all just based off of winrates? Well I learned nothing


                                                                                  +Axyom, you are wrong. This is a pub win rates analysis and has nothing to do with claiming that it's all about win rates.


                                                                                    I came here to read about doom :p

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                                                                                      Hiroko 1st

                                                                                        ya , this article is not biased article
                                                                                        its analize about win rate each hero based on data at dotabuff
                                                                                        and try to analize that
                                                                                        so its quite accurate i think

                                                                                        its include normal-high-veryhigh (3550 - 8000 mmr++)
                                                                                        its an average data , not a super special data

                                                                                        u want to look super special data ? look at ranking section
                                                                                        every hero has 80%++ winrate in the right hand at the super very high skill bracket which is 5k mmr++

                                                                                        even i have 80% winrate on AM . and 70% winrate on PA, in this low mmr id
                                                                                        its not mean this article 100% false

                                                                                        u should wise before judge

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                                                                                          I really expect Night Stalker to be a big game changer both in competitive and pub. The buffs on the HP regen can somewhat boost the survivability which a common choice in pubs ( as they tend to steam-roll enemies every now and then) and a nice "touch" to comptetitive due the recent buffs of NS of previous pacthes with the HP laning stages, thus making him a top pick. I think he is not a flavory hero like Pudge, WR, Invoker, SF etc.

                                                                                          Il Separatio

                                                                                            Can Oracle's False Promise (ultimate) remove Doom's Doom (ultimate)? :3



                                                                                              I initially agreed with you on the oracle front. I played him both ways, and in a way, hated the changes as well. However, after a couple of games, I agree with the changes, except for the fate's edict change (increased 50% damage from pure/physical). Try playing oracle offlane and as a support, it's actually not as bad as it was.

                                                                                              6.84 made him extremely fun to play, now that you can deny ranged creeps at level 3 with purifying flames, and his "buffed shallow grave" now allows your carries to give approx. 0 fucks (except against halbred :(, but they can bkb). It introduces the strategy of "my carry will die (maybe), but he will be able to do as much damage as he wants before (s)he goes"

                                                                                              6.85 was questionable. It does make fortune's end more flexible, which i like. However, I disagree with the fate's edict change (but kind of understand why)

                                                                                              Anyways, I'd like you to reconsider playing him in the current meta/patch, either mid, offlane, or support. He's super flexible and as fun as ever

                                                                                              Julio Valiente

                                                                                                How to win pub game :
                                                                                                Abaddon support.

                                                                                                spiritual state


                                                                                                  Well the thing with Fortune's End being more spammy is so that you can do 2x more QE combos, with zero cast time. Not to mention the damage got a buff, it went from 300x1 -> 180x2. It's a pretty huge buff. Fate's Edict did not get nerfed in anyway, the defensive portion of it got a nice buff so that you can cast it on allies now without fear of them being attacked. Saying a hero has low winrate =/= worse hero, look at Meepo and Invoker as an example. I think Oracle is incredibly OP right now, check out my Oracle history played at 4.7-4.8k mmr.


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                                                                                                    I think that Clinkz is not played well in pub games, given the mid lane if he get orchid around the 13-15 min mark his game impact can be devastating. This update with strafe CD reduction makes pushing consecutive towers or structures a lot more easier.

                                                                                                    Jill La Jill

                                                                                                      mkb is 35 percent you dinguses