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General DiscussionIs Behavior Score everything for good matchmaking or is it pure luck?

Is Behavior Score everything for good matchmaking or is it pure luck? in General Discussion
Fuck Dota 2's Devs

    for the longest time i struggle with climbing mmr and failed
    and every one said IT BECUZ U ARE TOXIC and u have low Behavior Score
    guess what i am now (for 2-3weeks) in 9k behavior score
    YES there is less rage quit player , less feeders , less item breakers , less afkers

    but guess what for every feeder u had in your 2k-3k Behavior score bracket now u have 2 noob player , accbuyer players , boosted player , smurf on enemy side players.

    now it reaches to a point u wish they feed so u can report them and they get ban for being such a bad player.

    my idea is Ranked mm is pure on luck either u get boosted/accbuyer/noob player/a player that just wanna try new meta and ruine the game/ in your team or not

    and if u get one the only question is left is did enemy get one like ours or more?

    this is so unfun to feel no matter what u do in game u end up losing to luck




        git gud

        Fuck Dota 2's Devs

          says the arcon iv lol u get gud


            I've noticed that with the release of Baldur's Gate 3, the games have gotten a whole lot worse than before. I believe that some of the Dota players have wandered off to play BG3 and the player pool is somewhat diminished because of this and the quality of the games suffers because of this...

            I've played some BG3 and I can't really blame people for playing it, but things will normalize over time. People will finish the game and head on back and we will have a sense of normality again.

            But, yes, I agree, it's been extra bad in the last couple of weeks... And yes, I'm a bad player... I am fully aware of it, but still winning 20% of the games is something else.


              I already touched 4.3k mmr once(not too hard to confirm), probably will never go above that.
              You are the one making whiny posts about your mmr and your struggle to climb.
              I literally only play one game a day, I'm not delusional enough to think that I can climb mmr with that, so I just enjoy the 1 game I get to play daily.

              Fuck Dota 2's Devs


                back in 2017 when i played the most

                game has problem
                if some one get a leaver or abandoner in his team he most get his mmr back and leaver most get x5 times mmr losing
                if it is rank so it has to be fair


                  Life ain't fair kiddo. Dota easily teaches you that life lesson, but guess you are too delusional to grasp that.

                  I see this game as pretty simple, if you are good at game you climb mmr overtime. If you don't climb or end up dropping, your skills are falling short. Nothing more nothing less. Be as delusional as you want, that ain't gonna change. LOL


                    You win Dota by being good at the game. On average your teammates will be the same skill as the enemy.

                    While certain players in particular games may cause you to win/lose, on a wider scale YOUR performance is what will affect your winrate. ESPECIALLY if you are playing core. So if you're winning consistently, you are probably the cause. If you're losing consistently, it's probably not your teams fault that you have a 30% winrate this month.

                    This biased belief that it's your teams fault for you consistently losing is very self-centered and somewhat egotistical. I guarantee you, if you were getting carried every game, you wouldn't be saying, "I'm so glad my high behavior score keeps giving me great teammates who carry me", but, "I'm so good at Dota look how much I'm winning". So why aren't you saying "I'm so bad at Dota look how much I'm losing"?


                    Work on improving yourself before you blame your team. Play heroes that aren't dependent upon your team if you're so convinced they're keeping you down. Don't queue after losing 4 games in a row.

                    Ad.Goku said it bluntly, if you lose, it's your fault.


                      آنلاکی = قفلت وا بوده گیپن گذاشته توش


                        as ad.goku said, git gud

                        RezaShah roohet shad :(

                          damn kowareta's mmr has improved, he's a chen god now

                          Pick NP going afk

                            Why don't you just quit?


                              mmr is hard to climb because a lot of low mmr players think that their games and high mmr games are barely any different. They really can't seem to grasp that making the same mistakes like (over extending, missing last hits, ignoring objectives, etc) happens in all mmrs but in lower mmrs it happens more frequently or at times in the game where it's more of a throw than a small error.

                              in other words. Pay attention to your mistakes and fix them. 90% of the time it's the fact that you can't be self aware of what is going on or needs to be going on when the game is being played. Like information overload.

                              კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                i have 11k behavior and people is just not talk much

                                Angry Cock

                                  @kowareta هنوز زنده ای؟

                                  კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                    As someone did mention in another thread (or Reddit) this new behaviour system needs to settle down and people will be back with who they were before.

                                    I mean I did have fun for like a week or two just silent games, little bit of positive attitude when needed. And then suddenly we are here again I am playing only pos 4-5 not being the smartest kid in the class but after 4 losses even I can get carried away on emotions and enter texting.

                                    So TLDR
                                    As said by oct it’s great reflection to me as well when winning I am not thinking about behaviour score only when losing. And this is the very fair point to build on.



                                      Crystal Meth and Crotch Rot

                                        @OP: I understand why you feel the way you feel, but you are missing a couple of pieces of the puzzle.

                                        It depends on:

                                        1. How populated your server is.
                                        If you play on EU or NA servers the DOTA 2 matchmaker is able to create more balanced games because there are 20,000 players to choose from, instead of 2,000.
                                        If you play on Australia or South Africa 90% of your games will be horrible imbalanced clusterf-cks.

                                        2. What time of day/night you play at.
                                        Play between 6pm - 11pm in your server's region and you will see the best possible matchmaking that your server is capable of.
                                        Play between 2am - 11am and you will see the worst possible matchmaking that your server is capable of.

                                        3. How close to your ACTUAL skill level are you currently playing at.
                                        Is your real skill is Divine 5 and your current rank is Crusader? You will BLAST through your games winning 70% or more (bear in mind it's much harder to carry noobs if your supporting... so pick Mid role and solo carry).
                                        Is your real skill is Legend 5 and you're currently Legend 1? It's gonna be a torture climb to gain those last few ranks winning 52% on average (hopefully). AND once you gain that rank, because of simple luck based variance, you will drop down to legend 1 from time to time and go up to Ancient 4 from time to time.

                                        Your behaviour score does matter but not in the way you are thinking. Behaviour is a factor that adds or detracts from your overall skill. DOTA 2 is a team based game - so how you treat your teammates DOES affect the chances of you winning the game.
                                        Did your teammate make a tiny mistake and you immediately screamed at him and call him a dumbass? Well.. now he hates you, so he might not save you in a teamfight or he might abandon you in lane and go jungle or he might start typing insults at you instead of focusing on playing his game and all of these things significantly impact whether you will win the game or not.

                                        Game Knowledge
                                        Mechanical Ability
                                        Map Awareness
                                        Fight Awareness

                                        All of these (and more) factor into your eventual MMR score.

                                        There always has been and always will be a lot of luck in whether or not you will win any individual game, BUT whether you gradually climb higher in MMR over the course of 500 games is about skill. If you can't handle losing 6 games in a row because of bad matchmaking luck, then DOTA 2 is not for you.

                                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა