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    Before I have my friend as good support for my safe lane, right now I was always playing alone and drop the MMR so much. Any tips for raising my mmr again?


      You play different hero every game, thats your biggest mistake. Limit your picks to 2 support picks and 2-3 core picks and play only 1 core role + support when you run out of tokens.

      And thats it. Also pick strong laners that dont need to rely on teammates.

      When you master heros you like playing and have good win rate with, then you focus on other details like laning, creep equilibrium, timings, farming patterns etc.

      Also in your last slark game:

      You are playing carry. Its not a good silver edge game at all but you need your mkb. There was a javelin min 38 and then nothing for next 8 minutes. There is probably some problem with decision making. In that situations tell your team you need to finish your next crucial item, before next fight and ask them to play safe for a while. Also try to buy more expensive item first, unless you are about to die and just quick buy javelin.

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        Hi Lex, Thanks for your reply. Yes i was like playing different hero each time i play. I will try to use your suggestion to have only few good core to play.
        Yes on the last match we were take it lightly since we are win from the start that is big mistake and PA is farming good so he can solo us all.


          If u lose, dont start another match again. U will more likely to lose the game because u cant focus on the game. Take a rest do some other stuff like watching pro gameplays. Also dont play with different hero always, master 3 heroes on each role u play if u keep losing on safelaner role maybe change ur role might help u. Once wise man said: "Playing carry makes u good at playing support, and playing support makes u good at carry"

          Thats the secret that made me from archon to divine in only 2 years


            Thanks, Passwordcod.mNN. Yes, I will try to learn to play as a support as well. Usually, my core is pos 1 and pos 3, but these times i play as support too, but still learning how to be good support xD


              PMA and dont make aggressive plays that are not worth it.
              You can play as many heroes you like, but if you're new to the game you'll most likely lose a lot of games with them till you learn them. Thats why people recommend playing 2-3 heroes total so that you learn what they do in the time


                masturbate for faster hands, its a well known top tip among top midplayers

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                  You're playing safelane so it's going to require a lot of farm before you come online and hit your power spike.

                  I used to play safelane a lot because I felt you had the best chance of winning the game for your team.

                  Recently I switched to offlane and I'm making plays 15 minutes into the game and I've been gaining WAY more MMR than when I was playing safelane.

                  Also if you've noticed. Most the times the offlaner is the person who picks a hero that doesn't belong in that lane. Like WK, CK, FV, Weaver or some other pos 1 hero that people pick in the offlane. If you pick a natural offlaner like Axe or Tide etc you'll be giving your team a huge advantage.


                    Hello, I would like you to help me with my problem to raise mmr, I think that I am a good carry because I farm very fast, I try not to die a lot, I fight intelligently, I always have objectives, besides that my net value at 20 min most of the time is 10K+, but in most of my games the game pairs me with too toxic players who steal my farm, use their abilities to make me die, cover neutral fields with wards and do many things, despite that I try to play better, Even if I'm the only one who wants to win, I don't give up and try to win, the maximum I've become is Legend III but I've fallen too low for those reasons. Drow ranger is my best hero that I control perfectly but besides her in case she gets banned I have five more carrys that I can use very well.
                    When I run out of games for the role queue I play support that I master many heroes for that role and for off and mid too. so, Any advice to raise my mmr?


                      @All thanks for the suggestion, also i will try other role since if i now how to play other role maybe i can do more better as safe lane.

                      For @Ecbreezy i want to give you and opinion but see i'm herald person so nothing i can say hahaha