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General DiscussionHow can i get out crusader tier?

How can i get out crusader tier? in General Discussion

    Is this new update? Since i came back.

    I'm Divine tier last 2018, Somebody help me to get out crusader tier or archon?

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      This is a topic that constantly seems to come up these days, so let me give you a brief summary of the "helpful advice" you can expect from the Dotabuff community!

      "Just git gud"

      "You are the problem"

      "Copium" <--- (This on is my personal favourite "nothing statement" from people who are too lazy to actually say something useful).

      The reality is, although most of the people who write this shit ARE assholes with not much useful to contribute, there is some truth. If your real skill right now matched up with the skill of Divine players right now, you'd climb fast.

      I've never seen anyone really go in depth on the problem. Like, why is it suddenly happening to SO many people since 2020-21? People in the past have always taken breaks from DOTA and returned more or less to their previous skill. Something seems different now.

      Now to my opinions....

      The simplistic (ie. not good) explanations are: You took a break, you are out of practice, you haven't kept up with the meta, the game has changed, that's why you dropped from Divine to Crusader.
      Personally, I find this answer unsatisfying and I don't believe this is the whole story because Divine to Crusader is a BIG drop. In my opinion this would explain you dropping from Divine to Legend.
      (I am sure someone at Valve knows exactly why this is happening, but good luck getting an answer about ANYTHING from Valve).
      My pet theory: Over the last 5 years lots of people quit DOTA. MOST of those quitting were from the Herald - Legend ranks. People who were good enough to be Ancient - Immortal were much more motivated to continue playing (if you're really good at something, why stop? If you're pretty bad at something, why continue?).
      This caused the skill floor to move UPWARDS, meaning if you were previously Legend you are now Crusader, previous Crusaders are now Heralds, etc.
      In my opinion this is the most likely reason you are in Crusader, the difficuly level has shifted.

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        Ok, so, I just looked at your account more closely and realised one of your problems.
        Your account has been flagged as a smurf:
        Look at this game, all acounts with low number of games played, most accounts with no photo. This game is ALL smurfs.

        Some years ago, Valve released an update that causes smurf accounts to match up against other smurf accounts.

        Basically this means all of your games will be huge stomp wins or huge stomp losses, however if your actual skill is really higher than Crusader, you will eventually climb, it's just going to be long and painful.


          In my opinion this is the most likely reason you are in Crusader, the difficuly level has shifted.

          Here's my POV from low levels : the skill level increased. Back into 2014-2015, people didn't even know every hero unless they're 2K+ mmr. I'm way better than 7 years ago, and I'm not yet at my 2014 MMR.
          You can take -700/-800 MMR per year to find your new real level.

          Pardon my English

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            Just play the game.
            If you are good, you climb.
            If you are bad, you drop further.

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              Hey buddy, I see you play a lot of ranked lately and you've just climbed out of Guardian to Crusader. I need your opinion.

              Do you think there is more "randomness" to the game now?

              Like, when I used to play ranked back in 2014 I could have a strong influence on about 25% of games and 75% of games were decided by the random chance of the matchmaker.

              Nowadays it feels much more like I can influence about 5% of games and 95% of games are decided by random chance.

              I looked at your recent game history and "on paper" it seems like you have experienced the same thing. What is your feeling on this?


                how to get high mmr.
                i cant get out crusader or archon tier

                El Nonno

                  Basically if you think you have knowledge of dota and know how to play "decent" it's all more mental.

                  have to reduce the number of games delivered due to annoyance or impatience.


                  Mirana supports HC. Terror Off.... Low farm space, lost line. I got my items out and went to play aggressive and kill kills with an early dagger. I gave my farmer team space (the best I could do) and the game was clearly in our favor. I decided to give it up after I lost patience due to their slow game and when I killed the sniper and took them out of their base and they ran me to almost a river without anyone from my team responding.

                  paid bb and died again wanting to force everyone to go for the t3 and barracks. My team did not respond. Without me it was a full mid and end.

                  I must have hundreds of these games, where being the winning factor I surrender the game


                  Then there are games where you can do very badly like this game where I play a hero that I have not used for years in a role that I have never used. I'm not the winning factor, the Bone was... I played for him to win.

                  Are you willing to do everything possible to win? Don't play for the stats, accept who the win condition is. And in case of being that victory condition yourself, have the patience and mentality to carry it out?

                  It's the only way up.

                  PD: There are games where you will not have solutions. Those are the games you need to rewatch.

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                  tv/adgoku24 ™ |

                    ^^ OP ignored all responses before you and just repeated the question.
                    In case you didn't notice, OP is either trolling or brain dead.


                      you are not divine my friend.


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                          The matchmaker decides of the game outcome :P
                          Though, the meta changed alot, and it looks like the most you climb, the most you can trust your mates.
                          For real, after Herald level, forget the "I'll solo carry the game". Getting your team in a good mood and being able to shut down the games fast by teamplaying will destroy every solo player in the enemy team.
                          Find the good balance between fighting & farming, check your mates.
                          You can dominate with a Lich pos 4 as well as a Storm Spirit pos 2. Don't listen to Divine trashtalkers saying synergies doesn't mean anything at low MMRs. Win your lane gives you more chances to win.
                          Unless you party with 4 mates you know, you have a chance to loose bcs of your team. It's fine, 51% winrate is enough to climb :-)

                          tv/adgoku24 ™ |

                            What's the obsession of low mmr players with "synergy"?
                            To form a synergy, the basic requirement is for both the players to know how their heroes even work.
                            Even 4k players prioritize mastery heroes over synergy, heck before synergy, they'd prefer to go for counter picks or map control heroes.
                            Yet, 1k mmr players go for random heroes for the sake of having synergy. That probably explains why they don't climb.
                            Instead of keeping it simple, they wanna chase the buzzwords.

                            Literally every single "how to get high mmr" post has only one common advice almost 90% of times.
                            - Select 2-3 heroes, and play those 2-3 heroes till you know them thoroughly. Once you get comfortable on the hero, you won't need to focus on your heroes during games and then you can divert that focus to developing macro skills.

                            For a core player, comfort implies the ability to secure lh at any point of game, without even having to think about it(just on eye-hand motor function alone), which reduces tunnel vision on creeps, and improves the ability to collect more information in the game, ergo improves decision making.
                            I didn't even notice all this things, till I watched like old randomly saved replays to waste time - Ended up watching them with fog on, to just compare my decision making, even taking the spectator aspect into consideration- Massive fucking difference

                            You know the classic 2k mmr move, when the enemies walk across 3 obs and the core still dies cause they are too focused on killing the creeps? - That happens way less.

                            There's a reason why many players say "With xx hero I'm divine, with any other I'm probably 1k or more below".
                            The gameplay when you thoroughly know a hero outclasses your gameplay on random synergy heroes by a landslide.

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                              Job done



                                learn from me. I recalibrated to Crusader III after a multi-year hiatus.

                                I'm in Legend II now. grinding easy.

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