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back in fucking herald^

    I don't get this

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        io core is pretty weak atm that's why

        streets ahead

          looking at your item builds I dont wonder why

          You need to build more defensive items on cores

          You need to stop playing pudge pos4 and there are many better heroes than Ogre too

          streets ahead

            Also you need to build more small items, rushing bkb + k&s on pos4 is such a grief (looking at your last game, earth spirit pos4)

            where is your urn or bracer or wand or oov or anything like that?

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            streets ahead

              If you are a one hero wonder, why not just play the hero you are good at? Your io winrate seems super good, just spam it and you should win


                are you sure? i cant play.


                  I have never ever lived in Herald town :laugh:

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                    Learn to play malestrom shard jugg and you'll likely never lose

                    back in fucking herald^

                      Thanks mic

                      predictable forced losing...

                        rigged shit with set up matches in a game with the most dogshit matchmaking system ive ever seen.


                          well after avoiding 38 absolute haters and ruiners from my games i started to play with divines
                          and also those divine players were the ones hated me and griefed my games at the time i was in 5k. hilarious
                          says a lot about how matchmaking really works when your account is flagged

                          and their system is not even working as intended, i was playing 50 turbo games and i had "communication flag" on my summaries all the way without even using chat . after playing ranked 2 days ago and calling some dude a sis, they instantly removed the flag from my account and rewarded me 200 behavior

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                          king of sadness

                            If someone want to play party, I am divine 5, I can help you to escape herald

                            GOKU FINAL FORM

                              hmm why am I herald? Proceeds to pick offlane pudge then build aether lense + blink...

                              if you just went phase+hood+aghs +eternal shroud , you should be walking all over them

                              streets ahead

                                i think he plays pos4 pudge not offlane but yeah agreed

                                party players)

                                  what don't you get?


                                    come party with me.. haha


                                      Man i dunno, you should play core. Cores don't have a clue what they're doing in herald xd. I think I can win in herald using 1 hand

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                                        Don't worry you are not alone. There are many herald players with over 10k games of experience.


                                          Yeah, like me.

                                          Only I was stupid enough to not record evidence of thousands of games where my "teammates" picked the wrong things either because they're mentally ill or on purpose to throw. Thousands of games thrown by the same names doing the same things.

                                          I should spend another 10 years losing trying to "improve" correct elephant? Because I'm a herald I player.

                                          Btw violet i fixed my teeth i look so good now hope you're welll it cost 12000

                                          party players)

                                            @💀 If you are hardstuck in a bracket of handicapped players/beginners after 13k games maybe you should stop worring about your teammates. The game is literally incapable of giving you a lower medal than herald I. Even my friend who is new to dota and blind in 1 eye is guardian 3. You are as bad as it gets and the sooner you realize that the better. Or play another 10k with the same results.

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                                              dear mister party players
                                              i was hard stuck 5.5k-6k player for a year or so, now i hit 7k for the first time but not because i got better, i play better but not a better player as i dont know shit about dota just like before!

                                              i actually worried about my teammates for the first time and thats how i managed to increase my mmr by 2k

                                              u have no idea what ppl going through in this video game, dota 2 is not about skill. not any more
                                              old days that u could pick meepo mid and stomp some noob shits are gone. mechanics are different. im not saying its not possible, u can just pick dawny breaker any pos but you cant win mmr when u play with 4 haters, not consistently

                                              i just changed my nickname and thats the only reason i got 2k mmr in last 3-4 months. yeah i play better dota for sure, but not because im actually getting better at the game, only because im not getting hated since min 0 for my pick by my haters. im more focused on actually playing the game cause they dont know im the kowareta !!!!

                                              crazy!!! 2k mmr just by changing name!

                                              get gud in dota 2 plebs, cause u know, in the environment full of ruskies, the way to go higher is being more skilled (BIG KAPPA)
                                              or maybe, its just more about how to deal with angry depressed sons of bitches than actually being good at this video game (winky face)

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                                                We just gotta focus on the controllable stuffs which is ourselves and herald is a really good place to work on honing our basic game mechanics like last hitting, positioning, etc.

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                                                  - MOST IMPORTANT FOR HERALDS --> Learn how to last hit under pressure. People who belong in herald have horrendous fucking creep scores. 50 at 10 mins is pretty standard for Archons, but at if you regularly hit 50 at 10 mins in herald you will climb guaranteed.
                                                  Remember that ranged creeps and catapults are twice as important as melee creeps. You should laser focus on not allowing your ranged creeps to get denied, although if your laning partner is bad, sometimes you have no choice cos you're taking too much damage. In this scenario at very least ensure you are denying your own ranged creep to keep it "even".

                                                  - Choose no more than 5 heroes and stick to them.
                                                  - Play 5 games against bots when you're first learning a new hero to save time and build muscle memory.

                                                  - Don't follow retards into bad fights, sometimes it's best to just let your team feed and continue farming (If you're a core). Having said that sometimes you have to just say "fuck it" and commit to the fight.
                                                  - DON'T GRIEF YOUR TEAM. Make sure you play the role you chose. Don't be an offlaner who afk farms jungle and/or invades the farming pattern of his Pos 1. Don't be a pos 5 who builds Shadow Blade first item and never buys a single sentry ward.
                                                  - Instantly mute ANYONE who shows the slightest hint of negativity. Zero tolerance.

                                                  Or, just do what professional account boosters do and learn how to play mid really well. Choose 2 or 3 heroes that are good at mid. Watch high skill replays to see what they do. Practice hard and focus on improving your weaknesses. Play against bots when you're first learning a new hero to save time and build muscle memory.


                                                    I can easily say I am someone who doesn't try to leave herald and sometimes try to stay; playing drunk, going dumb builds, playing too aggressive and greedy. I've shot up to guardian a few times, so I think I can name a few things.

                                                    As a support, wards and wands are the name. As a support with your items, be as sparing as you can, wands for efficiency and healing, wards for vision, basilius for mana in lane, raindrops to not die, rebuild arcane boots after aether lens if it would be useful to your team, Tangos are very efficient in lane for healing you core, bracers, nulls, and wraith bands have sheer stats for only 505 gold. As a support you have just as many items to get as cores do, you have less money to get them, focus on efficiency. Brown boots plus aether lens is never an inventory you should have.

                                                    ALSO EVEN IN THE LATE GAME BUY WARDS. It is too common that wards don't get bought a lot after like 40 minutes, so make sure to buy them. They don't get less important, quite the opposite.

                                                    In lane, pull whenever the equilibrium is out of your favor, but make sure damn sure your core knows, leaving them 2v1 can be a death sentence if they try to last hit normally while you aren't around. In the same vein, your core doesn't need you after a certain point, leaving to stack if your core is safe can get cores a lot more gold faster and cutting minutes off their timings can stomp games. As a ranged support, try to get denies, minor and you won't get many per game, but they can help a lot with both the wave equilibrium and xp/gold leads.

                                                    When laning is over, follow your 2 or 3, if they are both farming, buy smokes and tell them to run at the enemy. You can also farm out of the way waves, this can get enemies to run at you so your cores can farm with knowledge of who isn't looking for them, you a decent amount of farm for those efficient items you need, and lets you push for building damage. If your team goes into bad fights, if you can save them, do it, otherwise just try to leave, even if they still try to fight and die.

                                                    Finally, stick to a pool of heroes, as much as you may want to branch out and try more characters, in ranked, if you want to climb, stick to a pool of heroes you're good at and make sure they aren't bad. While I'd say you would be smart to pick troll warlord if you have 500 games with him and know him like the back of your hand, just pick Jugg a few times to get familiar with him if you're trying to climb. You can find winrates and pickrates on this site, look at divine for best effect.

                                                    Finally, and probably most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE A TP. I can't describe how many times per GAME I notice someone isn't there at a fight, and with them being there we could have won the fight, but I check their inventory and their tp slot is empty. Always have one, if it makes the item you're buying come out a minute later, doesn't matter. PACK! A! TP! This is a super common thing in herald as well, so improve this one things and you will win more. Even in the early parts of the laning phase, packing a tp to go to the other side lane or even mid can net that lane a kill or save and that one action can win the lane.

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                                                    GOKU FINAL FORM

                                                      game isn't as 1v9 heavy as it used to be.

                                                      you actually have to win a teamfight with the retards to win the game


                                                        ^^If that was real, then smurfs wouldn't be owning herald games with 30-0-10 scores almost every game. At this rate you will run out of copium lol

                                                        kiss the tattoos on my neck

                                                          This is real its much harder to 1v9 because a lot of heroes esp mid heroes got de cheesed and all player base got a lot better, 3 year ago when I played a lot Archon was like medium bots now its like 4k 3 years ago.

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                                                            Just keep grinding and you will improve and climb over time. The fact you are even reading this forum goes to show how dedicated/addicted you are to the game.

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                                                              i become guardian, last time with good ISP. but, the result is can do work at all.


                                                                add me i'll help u 1246724490