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General DiscussionI come back after a long break and found it almost impossible to win ...

I come back after a long break and found it almost impossible to win on dire. in General Discussion

    Been playing genshin impact so haven't followed dota for a long while. How come now dire always loses. Are the win rate between radiant and dire completely skewed now?


      dire has been trash tier for literal years

      nobody knew

        dire is forced 50 in action


          are you saying when the game systems want you to lose they just put you on dire? I am looking at the win rates of heroes and radiant has above 50% for almost all the heroes and dire has under 50% for like 90% of the heroes.


            no, it's just that someone has to be on dire and you're more likely to lose when you're there

            a large component of it is probably the camera angle


              You guys get it all wrong. As a jungler i can tell you dire has the advantage xD


                I guess DOTA developers trying to make radiant and dire equal, but they are not, radiant have a very slight advantages in my opinion except for the jungle this one goes for dire as easy to stack 3 camps at the same time but most of the players specially in my bracket they don't use these advantages, also as a player i like to play on the Radiant as i feel the map is lighter and bright idk if thats right or just me seeing this but this is my opinion