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General DiscussionBought this acc today hahaha fuck you 2-3k shits

Bought this acc today hahaha fuck you 2-3k shits in General Discussion
13 y/o zxc

    I will fuck all low skill dogs, 6k smurf in your games every game now hahahahah i will fuck you all noobs

    Kowareta is fucking gay

    Dungeon Master

      Agree with last statement

      DOG 3

        chill bro

        1992 computer

          jokes on you I just call a 7k5 mmr booster on epicnpc to screw you even more :axe_laugh:

          Liquid Swords

            Imagine smurfing with Arc Warden and losing... Imagine smurfing with Arc Warden and having a negative K/D... @13 y/o zxc doesn't have to imagine.

            mmr donor

              losing 4 games in a row.. keep it up mr 6k mmr


                5 losses 3 wins in your last 8 match since you bought the account.

                Lmao you are right where you belong.


                  hahaha only less than 51% winrate, he actually is herald and bought this account xD

                  ALL MUTED U 3K SACKS OF SHIT

                    Nah we gays don't claim him

                    He's straight


                      Abandon, really?






                            Another 5 losses in a row with 1 SF abandoned (I supposed rage quit from losing mid).

                            *Grabs popcorn. This is comedic heaven lmao.

                            1992 computer

                              how can you lose in normal skill if you are 6k mmr

                              Liquid Swords

                                Been checking this posts for days now and thoroughly disappointed...

                                Cocky herald shitter buys account and exposes himself on forums while calling out Cowareta.

                                Yet no follow up from @13 y/o zxc or response from the Cow? dafuq is this. Forum is dead.