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    can you please add your result for the MMR recalibration

    Prevoius MMR :
    NEW MMR :
    Games : W/L : 0/0
    Solo / Party : 0/0


      +140 mmr

      Shoto Hinamizawa

        Prevoius MMR : 3720
        NEW MMR : 3920
        Games : W/L : 6/4
        Solo / Party : 8/2





            5 W/3 L + 2 Abandons
            All solo

            It should be +/-60 every game

            china actor

              -60 mmr


                Prevoius MMR : 4530
                NEW MMR :5010
                Games : W/L : 8/2
                Solo / Party : 2/8

                Magnus Bane

                  Prevoius MMR : 4610
                  NEW MMR : 4900
                  Games : W/L : 7/3
                  Solo / Party : 7/3

                  Captain Lalettan

                    W/L- 8 wins, 2 losses

                    Went From 2200 to 2280, +80 MMR

                    9 Solo, 1 party

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                    offlaner ≠ carry

                      Prevoius MMR : 1369
                      NEW MMR : 1514 (+145)
                      Games : W/L : 6/4
                      Solo / Party : 10/0

                      On average, each calibration match is worth 72.5 MMR in my case

                      AD.GokU™ |

                        MMR : 3500 -> 4060 (+560)
                        Solo queue-pos5 -> 9 wins, 1 loss
                        70 MMR each game.

                        Ice MF T

                          MMR : 1070 -> 760
                          100% solo

                          კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                            Not having anyone that love you is the most painful thing at least emotionally in the world, and get stung by black tarantula is the most painful thing someone can feel.

                            But losing 8 match on recalibration and lose 300 mmr is the most painful thing the universe can imagine, it was so painful that the person wants to just die rather than feeling it.


                              2/3 so far wish me luck.



                                So basically it's the same.


                                  6W / 4L
                                  3560 -> 3770


                                    Prevoius MMR : 2380
                                    NEW MMR : 2030
                                    Games : W/L : 4/6
                                    Solo / Party : 8/2


                                      and im here being happy with my current mmr 5.1k with no recalibration. Last time i went to 4.8k but dropped to 4.1k-4.2k. Now i hope to not drop down even more but to increase my mmr.


                                        i just recalibrate this acc


                                          with 10k behavior score i got the worst people you can imagine after wining 3 in a row

                                          AD.GokU™ |

                                            Blaming bhs for losses. LUL


                                              nah im not blaming BHS, it just missed the point of the game when you are spending hours to enjoy the game and have, then you will have disraptor middlaner


                                                i don't know man but this recalibration feels really bad i started yesterday 1w-4l so far and the 4 games we lost i had ppl who were afk funt or abandoned every single time and the other team were really good like 5 man party. i dont know so far feels really weird im feeling like valve f** me up and making me lose mmr for no reason..

                                                good intentions, bad deci...


                                                  AD.GokU™ |

                                                    I got void in my team, not making bkb and getting chain stunned in chrono. Instead of flaming that piece of shit, I convinced the 3 other bit more sensible
                                                    players to play around that void. In the end, he managed 2 good chronos and we won the game.
                                                    You can keep blaming stuff, or you can accept the reality of 2k mmr and that is, it's full of shitters who have no clue how game works. They win one game with some retarded strat and think it's gonna work every game. You can't expect high quality games in low skilled bracket.
                                                    In 2k bracket I managed to win games as mid techies against heroes like storm, Sf, TA. Draft barely matters in 2k.

                                                    Ice MF T

                                                      yeah that's why you had to spam spectre to get out of normal skill amirite
                                                      256 ranked games with 63% winrate, that's like, +1700mmr?
                                                      you would be 2k without your "press R to win" hero you cocky legend trash

                                                      AD.GokU™ |

                                                        Spec took me from 1.4k to 2k that's it.
                                                        From 2k to 3.5k, I just spammed techies. Pos 4-5 techies. and that's why I can say it so confidently, low mmr players are literally shit.
                                                        I can plant bombs in front of them, and they will forget about those in next 1 min.
                                                        The range mid heroes, taking damage from proximity mines, I drop in front of them.
                                                        Just way too many examples.

                                                        ALSO, If spec spam is that easy to climb mmr with, why are you stuck in herald? Go ahead spam spectre, if you think she is free win.
                                                        42% WR, herald trash talking. OMEGALUL XD

                                                        კომენტარი შეიცვალა