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General Discussiondo you guys like to spam only 1 hero?

do you guys like to spam only 1 hero? in General Discussion

    Many high lvl players seem to think that spamming 1-3 heroes is the way to rise in mmr the fastest. What do u guys think? What is your preferred spammable hero that you can pick any game? I just love Rubick and I seem to win with it pretty much but sometimes I just get bored, what do u guys do then?

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      No ,I pick counters.


        I just love Rubick and I seem to win with it pretty much but sometimes I just get bored, what do u guys do then?

        half this post is a humble brag?


          yes spamming is the best way to gain mmr and win games


            well seoul it was not ment as a huble brag, I just ment that spamming rubick is going fine for me, but after a while I get bored and some other role or hero feels more exiting (but then after some time I just want to spam rubick again)


              A bit of yes and a bit of no. I used to limit my heroes pool down to Terrorblade (1), Rubick/Lion (4/5), Bristleback (3), Timbersaw/ Outworld Devouret (2) and yeah it did worked out and now it doesn't. As a verastile player I prefer to adapt the enemies playstyle (for example i would pick Orcacle or Shadow Demon to counter Necrophos not to combo with my Huskar or Luna). Nowadays though, support always doomed to pick first so you probably have to pick any heroes to define your team playstyle anyway (picking a Witch Doctor or Warlock would be a huge opening for teamfight build). Although my mmr didn't go 3k into 4k in a week, but hey, at least i had fun


                I think pos 3-5 you can comfortably spam pick. Pos 1/2 would be best to have counter and flex picks ready and a higher hero pool.
                I'm about 72% win rate so far this season playing just sand king and centaur off


                  1 hero for every role

                  Sygma.Pride of Arrogance ~

                    Naga until next patch. GG. Bye.

                    Orcacle or Shadow Demon to counter Necrophos

                    A decent necrophos won't commit his ultimate assuming the saves are still up but will force them and then proceed to scythe.
                    The burst build with blink (opposed to the no brain radiance build everyone goes for even in lost early games) can punish those picks cooldowns by waiting until he blinks in.

                    Dota Tips: you can turn off rad during disruption so that your illusions don't have it.

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                      I can now spam any hero cuz I already done the "all hero challenge".

                      Thara Ak-Var

                        Sub-50% winrate player giving advice


                          Spamming 1 hero is very good for pos 4-5, because you almost always first pick it anyway.

                          Playing mid you need to have in your pool 3 heros. 1 magic nuker, 1 cheese last pick hero and your whatever favourite hero.

                          Pos 1 the same, you need that 2-3 heros to have more options.

                          Pos 3 same. 1 elusive/lane sustain hero, 1 utility pick, 1 crowd control pick.

                          Narrowing your hero pool makes you play much better.

                          여자친구 Moon Turkey

                            Pro = Mastering the hero (attack animation, spell damage hp, etc.)

                            Con = Counterable sometimes

                            Look at me spamming Mirana rofl


                              I spam tinker. If that doesn't go well then i'll pick something else like lina storm and sky. But well it rarely gets boring for me tho so..


                                tinker nots getting boring? seriously?
                                im getting bored watching the dude spamming RWE on high ground for 15 minute non-stop. i dont know about the dude himself hows not that boring.


                                  pick the counter of the most meta hero on the patch.....and spam it....since nobody will pick it....i used to do that


                                    I normally play 4-5 heroes as a pos 4
                                    Right now playing only 3
                                    Gaining mmr and playing decently

                                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                      tribo immortal lul


                                        go play offlane it will get you up fast! ^_^


                                          poopcoin :axe_laugh:
                                          where u at


                                            counterpicking is for low testosterone players


                                              spamming pos 4 lina with my pos 3 friend , been working good so far


                                                you will certainly start picking up on things if you spam 1 hero alot. Like before if I randomly get lc I would go the normal build phase, dagger, blademail, bkb, ac. The standard stuff. But after spamming it a lot I started to go more optimal builds to fit the game. I even recently learn that after winning a duel you will get another press the attack buff on urself.


                                                  As a support picker, yep. You pick first anyway.

                                                  And it's not like I'll ever get tired of the biggest oversight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).