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General DiscussionCongratulations OG, the best team in DOTA2 history

Congratulations OG, the best team in DOTA2 history in General Discussion
wait for me

    And they won it with IO. I can't stop jumping

    Venom of the Red Lotus

      Topson = GOAT two TIs two wins

      RIP matchmaking

        Everything can work.
        (ethereal sniper or winning TI with a io).


          Miracle plus 4 useless braindead animals


            Imagine being no one and then the next day you are 2x aegis champion.


              sad for W33, guy lost 2 finals, as underdog, everyone blame him, no respect for guy. Other in Liquid won, so not so much for them.
              OG great play, really great team. Prove that you need good chemistry in team, not just stars. OG deserved, Now to se can they do 3th times in row?
              Glad that fly left for these. xD

              wait for me

                Me too

                Gym 5 days, Rest 2 days

                  Games were a stomp - faster finish than TI4. It was like watching a tier 1 team stomp a tier 2 team.


                    More like some dudes play pub games and win easily.

                    კომენტარი შეიცვალა



                        More like some dudes play pub games and win easily.

                        beside it was $15,000,000 at stakes


                          Shoutout to Jerax and Ceb for awesome plays

                          61 years old

                            what? Is TI2019 already over? Hey, I was planning to watch it :(

                            Tenshi Yurippe

                              I do believe topson is a beast, the others saying that he builds questionable items and dies without good reason just don't understand how he thinks and that what makes him a beast.


                                Im not drafting expert, I bet they know what they doing but why pick Tide 3 times in a row, when Mind Control didint seem to have any significant impact on that hero.


                                  what if fly see this topic ?

                                  flourishing new leaf

                                    Yep, best team there has ever been. It's a pleasure to watch such good dota.

                                    Mungo Time

                                      Io nerfs incoming


                                        The most toxic team in history for sure.

                                        flourishing new leaf

                                          O h that too for sure.. I'd rage over all chat tbh. Make it so that they remove lines and stuff


                                            Yeah, the chat wheel spam is real. Cant disagree with @aFeect. Tbh valve should just disable taunts and hero chat wheels on tournaments. There's an option when you create a lobby to select that this is a tournament game, and disabling the disrespectful part of the game on such an important game would be nice. Tilting and taunting your opponent is not a skill, just shows how low you are.

                                            flourishing new leaf

                                              hmm i don't think so. Dota should be the same for everyone. Picking is lax (AP, not CM). If there are voices in pubs then they should be available in pro games too


                                                Dota is about skill. As i said, tilting and taunting =/= skill.


                                                  Its about defending/destroying ancient dog. Never seen any scientific study proving its all about skill. If its all about skill then i should be the ti champion but no. Its about destroying enemy ancient which is hard to do if you have to play 1v9 every game


                                                    OG were on the level of their own. The finals could have been 3-0 easily. It was over for OG just before the last 2 minutes happened.

                                                    The moment I saw this Ana Io, well, let's say it was over at that time. That was another level of creativity they displayed with just that. And they were having fun and just trolling people all over. It was so much fun for them and for us. They could always find a way to come out on top even though they didn't seem to have a way.

                                                    And this all started in TI8 game 5... In that game, OG threw out all the meta that had developed over the tournament and just went with what they liked to play. They picked a few heroes that had generally failed in TI8... And made it work.


                                                      They gave Liquid one win to make them not look too bad.

                                                      კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                        I love the taunts, sprays, chat wheel. This is sports, you know what sports is about? Winning? No. Be the best? No. It is about entertaining all the people that pay to see it or chose to support it. And spraying Loser while tp-ing out behind the enemy tower while forcing two supports to rotate is god damn entertaining.


                                                          Well taunting opponent is part of the sport bro, seriously you must have never watch any sport...this e sport prove the sport part of the e sport


                                                            Sports is all about taunting your opponents. Goading them to make bad decisions then kicking them while they are down. That is why you watch them. Not because you like watching them catch or hit a ball.


                                                              I need to rewatch some games, OG dived under Tier 3 tower mid while the Tier 1 mid was still there. Wow.
                                                              It looked so easy for OG




                                                                  Nerf Topson and ana