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General DiscussionPlease let us count Turbo matches as significant

Please let us count Turbo matches as significant in General Discussion

    My friends and I primarily play Turbo, which Dotabuff tracks in the recent match list, but ignores for all other stats (such as hero stats or winrates, all-time win-loss, the calendar/heatmap thing, most played heroes, etc). Even if it were an option for players to enable, that'd be great.

    Worse, there's no way to see my hero-specific winrates for Turbo, despite there being a filter for it:

    It seems the last thought that was put into Turbo was over a year and a half ago:

    თემა შეიცვალა

      yup i agree

      small retarded fish

        turbo is not real dota :)

        cic mile

          lol turbo is a joke


            Turbo isnt the same as actual dota. Shouldnt be considered significant.