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    Hi guys im going to try support sniper for next 100 games in low mmr games but I doesnt have ever played sniper as support so if someone can help my and suggest good build for it TY

    Dude.. HaveALife

      Go hand of Midas if you are support ... As you can be extremely usefull late game ... Don't pick against inv heroes and slark


        Ok I do Hand. Any other items? Do I need boots in begining or just use all money to wards+salve etc?


          Pretty hard to support on him. Hr only has his q and maybe his ult to function as a supp and his q also has pretty big cooldown. Better play Sven supp if you wanna try or maybe alche too. But if you still insist,just go to a nuker supp variant by buying aghs and kaya and just blast people from downtown.


            Early game you could Max your q and atk range and just harras enemy with boot + oov.

            Dude.. HaveALife

              Never purchase boots as 1st item ... Get regen as much as possible or some stats item to trade


                How slow is it :D This seems bad idea but lets try if my head can bear 100 sniper games as sup. I would love to see how win% goes.

                How about orb early?


                  Aghs+kaya in first edition of build. Which boots I would buy???

                  Dude.. HaveALife

                    Buy phase + maelstrom / mask of madness + shadow blade/ force staff + situational item... And always have a salve in bag pack if you are not going MOM

                    carry or feed

                      meh sounds like awful idea, no stun, bad hp, bad ms, low damage without farm, how the hell you supposed to support with this shit? ck or morphling support sounds more viable atleast they got stun and have more hp and damage. but if you need my advice kaya + aghs is terrible idea, aghs change the ult to physical damage based on your attack damage and since you're support sniper that's a straight up bad choice.

                      I suggest, oov + branch + 2 wards + cour + tango >>> oov, urn, phase boots, helm of dominator (use useful creep like root or stun or purge) >>> oov, spirit vessel, phase boots, hotd, eul/blink/glimmer (depend), then just maybe something like straight hex for late game, i suggest it with drow strat and you should end the game either stomp 20 minute in the game or drag it to 2 hour long game

                      carry or feed

                        but pls this is terrible idea

                        Dude.. HaveALife

                          @deranked shrub- we archons can not use dominator like u think ... I don't know how the hell people plays with Chen

                          Tank "The Shredder" Evans

                            aghs will turn ur ult from a nuke to a crit so unless you have damage items, you're going to end up reducing its damage output, also the kaya will not amp the ult if you have aghs.


                              Ok ty I remove aghs+kaya and try Deranked Shrub way first.

                              Im pretty sure it will be disaster :D But hey it have long range so might work in laning


                                tranquil + urn -> vessel + forcestaff + eul + glimmer
                                Sniper abilities wont be useful for saving team or disabling enemies, but still can give vision (through juking enemies) and massive damage with sharpnel and assasinate


                                  I need to do many guides for this sup sniper. So much tips TY all. I do one guide with Comfy Camp style too


                                    Any prediction how I will perform W%


                                      Mascot Sniper build with treads, drums, mek, vlads


                                        sniper's a trash tier support, however if you're happy getting reported and ruining alot of games.

                                        Tranq- urn - Necro 3 -> force -> vessle -> blink -> hex
                                        Cd reductions + shrapnel talents.

                                        Push lanes with your book.

                                        Stack 500 jungle camps and farm them with your shrapnel.


                                          First game as sniper and lose :D Fuck its hard to play sup sniper. edit. that shrapnel is on CD all the time

                                          I try necro next maybe

                                          კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                                          Dude.. HaveALife

                                            Necro is good support and good mid game hero


                                              Necronomicon not necro :D I go sniper all the way in solo games :D


                                                2 games 2 losses. :( 98 to go


                                                  There are heroes that can support and heroes that cant, aswell hero that can carry and heroes that cant, why would you play an hard carry sand king for? Same for a support sniper...You are bored guys?


                                                    Yeah bored to play solo 1k games.


                                                      what you on about i once boosted an acc to 5k with carry sand king, that shit's good if you know what to do

                                                      კომენტარი შეიცვალა
                                                      Midnight Special

                                                        what a waste of time


                                                          It wasn't very effective


                                                            yeah after 3 games I feel like this is shit support

                                                            edit. atleast last game we won our lane so there is hope in sniper as sup :D

                                                            კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                              mjollnir and sata are not very "supp" item
                                                              something like vlad and atos/agh/crest would be more fitting and fun imo

                                                              კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                Yeah there was wish from team I turn it carry so mjölnir+sata was last items.


                                                                  i like your plan keep it up!

                                                                  PERFECT TOAST

                                                                    Why bother? Just play an actual support. Whatever you're trying to do with him, there are other supports who do it much better. The hero is literally just made to be a carry.

                                                                    Good News Everyone, I

                                                                      Ring of Aquila then start building Drums. After Drums build either Vlads or Helm of the Dominator. Learn how to micro the creep, and don't feed it. You don't even need to send the creep to attack stuff, just get anything with an aura and right click it to yourself or your carry. Be sure to turn off the forced attack on right click in your options. After the Helm build your Necronomicon. Don't forget to make Glimmer, Urn, or Force Staff if you are losing badly or the enemy has a problematic hero that can be countered by it.

                                                                      Game should be over by the time you finish Necronomicon 3. If it isn't then build regular core items like Hurricane, Mjoll, etc.

                                                                      კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                        Ty for tips I go modify one of my guides and keep supporting :D

                                                                        Why I bother to play sup sniper? I doesnt really care about solo mmr of this account and sniper sup might be good way to learn positioning.


                                                                          Now I have published guide named: Dotabuff "1k support sniper"

                                                                          Guide will be edited to new versions and current version idea copied from "Good news everyone, I"

                                                                          edit. Feel free to use this awesome guide to win games

                                                                          კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                            Since I already played some support sniper back in the day when snipers 'Q' was instant and had no delay here are my tips:
                                                                            - don't ever go for aghs on support sniper
                                                                            - euls is also a waste of money in mho so better go for drums (hp, hpregen and ms/atkspeed for u AND your allies)
                                                                            - early game oov can be good but the slow is just meh on range supports
                                                                            - don't go full retard on the 4 0 4 build... i think 2 points in your range is enough and early headshot is really good for harassing in your lane
                                                                            - I like the idea of dominator but since i can't micro that shit I have never tried it and I went for atos in my games (holds mobile enemies in place)
                                                                            - try to avoid playing against heroes that can easily get to you (invis heroes (riki, bounty, slark, clinkz, weaver), fast heroes (brood, bseeker, void, spirit breaker, night stalker, ench, maybe even slardar/naix))
                                                                            - if the enemies have good slows go for force (u can save yourself or your teammates), when they get to u easily or have heavy nukes go for glimmer
                                                                            - another good item for u and your team is a medallion (can be a solar crest later in the game)

                                                                            So all in all if u want to play sniper as a pos 5 support u have to be wary that u will have no farm and play the ward b*tch so go for small items and not the heavy stuff like necronomicon/sheepstick and shit like this... u won't get the gold for these things.
                                                                            Also u don't wanna waste all your 3 shrapnel charges at level 1 or's mediocre dmg so wait for level 3 and have 2 points in your shrapnel for better harassment and not waiting for new charges all game long.
                                                                            Your talent tree should be like this:
                                                                            10 cd, 15 dmg, 20 cast time and if u ever get to level 25 i think you should transition to a semi core role (mealstrom, lesser/bigger crit maybe) and u can decide what talent u go depending on what your team needs (u doing dmg in the back -> range; more slows/more aoe dmg -> shrapnel charges).
                                                                            Since noone expects a sniper support in your games u should capitalize on that and harass the shit out of your lane with every small item u can get... people won't know what to do and u have the surprise moment on your side.
                                                                            In teamfights u should try and cut off one or two enemies with good shrapnel placement and the other enemies will have a hard time to help their mates. Else you should cut the retreat off so noone gets out alive *evil laugh*

                                                                            კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                              ok ty. I take lvl 4 and 5 headshot.


                                                                                urn drum pike skadi probably

                                                                                ROAM KING

                                                                                  invoker support is better


                                                                                    yeah Sniper sucks hard as sup :D This whole sniper sup thing is just one of these have to try

                                                                                    carry or feed

                                                                                      can you next do qop pos 4?
                                                                                      heck i've the idea but i dont have the guts to try it out


                                                                                        qop pos 4 sounds like possible not even bad in pos 4 i think

                                                                                        Solo Giallo

                                                                                          Mask of madness eul forcestaff or drums, glimmer( u are the support u need to have items to defend your party)aghanim maybe and take only magic talent and to spam those , octarine ethereal for very late game but not aghanim


                                                                                            why octarine? I havent really played sniper but really octarine?

                                                                                            edit. just for CD reduction?

                                                                                            კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                                              OoV, Arcane boots, urn, mek, glimmer, upgrade to super-urn, upgrade to greaves, situationals in euls; you’re backline healer and CC. Early game goal is roam between safelane and mid.
                                                                                              You’re gonna do this in 1K; I’ve played supp sniper several times here in 3K. Don’t worry, it can work, especially if opponents draft to counter pick you, only for you to be a support


                                                                                                as a master of doing random heroes as a support
                                                                                                you need to go boots first item always,very good to outplay opponents and going in out lanes to go mid
                                                                                                basically you really want to win 2 lanes if using retarded heroes as a support(mid must win)

                                                                                                unless you are going invo sp

                                                                                                oh also courier snipe with boots very good

                                                                                                კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                                                                                                  @Feachairu u want me to buy boots asap or at the begining?

                                                                                                  @ETdAWESOME yeah these are my very first games as sniper so I really suck as hard as sniper sucks as support so its combo of two suckers ::D


                                                                                                    starting item boots ofc

                                                                                                    El Psy Congroo

                                                                                                      Blink dagon and ethereal new tinker.



                                                                                                        I just find hard to get items if i sup and wont get last hits