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    Just played a game and got anally raped by a tinker. I think i figured out why.




        what was the conclusion?


          Cant even win vs a booster so bad lul
          Agh tinker ???

          კომენტარი შეიცვალა
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            stop being such a fucking pleb tier gamer


              I'm just sitting there watching this guy who is clearly either way better at the game than the rest of us or plays tinker litterally 24/7. Check dotabuff not even 60 games of tinker played. his recent games are a bunch of horrible kda's and just awful games, then randomly he goes like 70-6 in his last three games. Two of the last three were tinker games using a completely different item build than any previous tinker games including the one from 6 days ago. Yeah, thats not just something that randomly happens.

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                He might not even be good at Tinker. Could be he's only played Tinker ~15 times on his main.

                Throw me into a 2k game with a hero I'm shit at against competent players, hell maybe even 3k's sometimes, and I won't play well at all or not that well--and I'll stomp. That's the interesting thing about smurfing, you can pick up pretty much any hero and just make things work. I can be forced to support as a carry in a 5 hero line up and still get great farm and KDA, or be the only position 5 support and stomp with a cheesy, greedy dagon eblade.

                My tinker is 38% winrate, 60 games. I never play him. But if I was in 3k or whatev, I would demolish everyone.


                  ^wow so pro

                  Big Chungus

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                      Not saying I'm pro, just offering a different perspective. You don't gotta be good at a hero to stomp with it, just gotta be good at dota.


                        No actually u have to be good with a hero too.. lmao can’t imagine a 4k god player like u playing Earth spirit for the first time and stomping with it in a 2k game


                          if you call this guy booster than im michael jackson.. he is so BAD. you dont know what boosters can do.. they will win 100/100 in 1k, 2k, 3k even in 4k

                          mode mediocre

                            if ur not getting >1 kill a minute ur clearly a casual