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      Alch is not OP wtf :D Its just the map changes that make him farm super fast. Just block his 2 camps near enemy t1 safe lane. His only strenght now is that he can bounce between the lane and jungle camps.

      Also 0 mention about the Venomancer who is absolute pain in the ass even with bkb. This hero is more than broken due to bkb changes not to mention that delayed posion explosion that leads to another DOT.

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        Brünk Hüll

          Typo in second paragraph of Meta Staples.

          All hail UNDERLORS!!!!!

          Jay Tensei

            I'm surprised we haven't seen a .c patch yet considering how overwhelming Medusa and Underlord are at the moment. Not a huge fan of how much gold/exp team fighting gets, makes the older patches seem benign compared to what we have on offer right now.

            I like the map changes and I'm sure overtime some of the awkward pathing especially in the safe lane/off lane will be fixed. However, playing support from behind is incredibly frustrating and doesn't feel enjoyable in the slightest. Again, surely patches will fix these issues.


              Thx, fixed!

              Brünk Hüll

                Actually I think Valve should change the name to Underlors


                  For how popular Dotabuff is It's kind of weird these articles aren't getting more attention;
                  I love reading them though, it's a very nice blog and I agree with everything written out; Very enjoyable, keep them coming!

                  Berlin Major's finals werent' the best but there were some insane games throughout the tournament, production was omega hype and the patch in pubs is still absolute fire to play

                  high alch yourself

                    Good read, but the last sentence in Overrated looks weird, is the "his" in "his can quickly" supposed to be "he"?

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                      Sorry but why is nullifier good against ursa?

                      Вселенский Тильт

                        dispell owerpower


                          I thought the Zai’s picks against Pandas was interesting. WD and a spell damage initiator Medusa.

                          Rad i cal

                            Underlord is not op. Pipe and Crimson are overpowered. I have 900 games on underlord and I can say that he is not op.


                              Medusa is indeed OP, i've been focusing her and only achieving wins on pubs. But also, when I go versus Medusa, i just put difusal blade and explode her.

                              sexy rose~

                                @Rad i cal why the hell u always buy rod of atos for Underlord? the hero has root himself. and building Harpoon..?

                                Veridis Quo

                                  Nerf UL gates.
                                  Wisp was always kinda "broken" in pro games having just one temporary relocate. Now this guy allows TP for all the team forth and back.
                                  We used to call Kunkka's X-mark "an abuse", well UL is 5x abuse.

                                  Veridis Quo

                                    I was always wondering if it's possible to build Ursa to maximize attackspeed (smth like PT, cuirass, moon shard, butterfly, etc) and provide ultra DPS regardless of overpower

                                    Het magische kiertje

                                      And Vanguard is probably the most 'bang for your buck' item this patch. minute 5 vangaurd is very doable on the majority of offlaners.


                                        Great read but Doom also overlooked in here: top offlaner right next to Underlord. The fact that you can build Vanguard arcane boots into a 12 min Octarine and lower your Doom cooldown is insanely imba and one of my favourite plays right now.

                                        El Dictador

                                          I always assumed that the angle of the camera is a difference. Maybe it's idiotic what I suggest, but we had to try the possibility of being able to put the minimap at the top of the screen when you're right.

                                          El Dictador

                                            @RezaShah roohet shad I think there are 2 reasons

                                            -The first is not to use Pit of Malice as a stun/bind. At least as I interpret the skill its best use is as a counterinitiation to force them to fight in the pit in an awkward way or to spend a lot of resources to avoid fighting there (like BKB).

                                            -The second as a combo, as it happened before with Stun+Meteor, the pit gives a second of immobility, the atos gives +2 seconds, that means that you have 0.6 seconds before another second of immobility comes. MUCHO TIEMPO MANITO! Set the TF strong, and more if the item is improved and can tie more than one hero.

                                            I am more and more delighted with the patch, I feel that the universal heroes are untapped all-terrain with very crazy alternatives