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      Good article. It's true, maxing Gunsligner and getting Daedalus is a must-have, wrong skill build and items is a reason why she has 45% WR as core.


        always special when you do the numbers crunching on your articles which are figures not readily available within the game but have actual impact when playing/considering hero match ups!


          Sadly I haven't used this hero since its release.


            i hate muerta actually.


              I personally like a 4-0-4-1 MoM build. I feel like it lets her farm well while also being able to take fights with MoM plus ult.


                > her passive “critical strike” (1.5x or 1.7x with the talent) gives better expected damage value than Juggernaut Juggernaut’s Blade Dance

                While that statement is accurate, I feel like a disclaimer needs to be posted here that while Jug's blade dance talent is lack-luster, its offset by the fact that Jugs has a very low base attack time (BAT). The buff for Mureta being reduced from the standard 1.7 BAT to 1.6 BAT is nice, but Jugs without even needing talents in crit, has a BAT of 1.4, which is a baseline improvement of 21.4% dps just by being jugs.

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                  nice, i agree


                    maxing dead shot for position one is also decent. 1 value point of calling for laning phase. 3-1-1-1