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    is aghs tide that bad? sure greaves is the meta right now, but i think aghs is good bcs you have an aoe slow and can clear creeps from far away


      TA doesn't have the magic burst option build that Lina has in spades


        I think Tide's Aghs is good if you want to play somewhat greedy: as you said it is a pushing tool and it gives you some extra farm. It is also a teamfight ability, but for 4200 I feel like a lot of the time is not worth it. Tidehunter can take safe farm as it is with Anchor Smash. He also desperately needs to solve other problems, be it mobility, survivability, extra teamfight presence with a necessary aura or even just extra lockdown from Shard.

        The other problem is that it is also dispellable so it doesn't really do much to cores with multiple dispel options, usually. It can be good to pressure and kill supports in a fight as a follow-up to Ravage and I can see it working well in that regard, but all in all I feel going Greaves is essentially a must, Force Staff or Lotus are also usually great, Blink Dagger is close to mandatory and even things like Pipe, Crimson, Wraith Pact etc. should maybe take priority. Not sure about Crimson, since it doesn't stack with Kraken Shell afaik, but it still nice for your team and the Armor on it is respectable.