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    Alchemist is a boring hero that needs rework. Lycan is either too strong for pro games or too weak for pubs, he might need a rework to make him a more common pick.

    There are plenty carries in the game waiting to get a chance. It's easier to make them viable than introducing new carries.

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    Эндрю Тейт TOP G

      death prophet needs her ult before 7.31, this 50% damage to buildings has literally killed the hero in the 5k and more bracket

      Brünk Hüll

        Legion needs to be rethought. Feels obsolete with Mars in the game weirdly, and she's just not a viable option as carry. I'd see a little love to Windranger; Powershot sounds good, doesn't work. I miss old Weaver shard but I understand the change; same for Luna. I'm surprised there was no mention of neutral items being removed as this website usually makes sure to remind us all of how stupid and out of place the entire concept is. I'd see some reworks to a few niche items like Bloodstone and Meteor Hammer OR create a meta that encourages more heroes to get value from the items. As they stand, barely any heroes need that much mana or want to invest in Hammer over Glepnir. Mjolnir, for that matter, gets forgotten.

        Tiny Airlines

          1. Techies should have their remote mines as a shard.
          2. Clockwerk needs some more buffs, in the past his scepter upgrade lowered the CD on his hookshot, but now it doesn't. If the CD was lowered to those values either through the skill tree or later leveling that would be fine.


            Map rework, add new features or change the existing features. The game is getting stale day by day.


              Witch Blade should be left as is, it is useful only on heroes that also have not enough damage to make solo kills with their spells. If they nerf Witch Blade, that would be the end of the Dota 2 solo gameplay. (Except only some dirty heroes like tinker/naga/druid/arc, each of them needs to be heavily nerfed by the way and none of them even need Witch Blade by the way!)

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              Hero test. Victory is not...



                Heartstopper Aura Health and Mana Regen Bonus per Stack with Aghanim's Scepter doubles


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                  All I need is act nerf and I'll be happy. And some changes to the Roshan area.

                  one hit delete

                    i hate this fucking new patch i currently divine 2 but it lost and i dont have account then when i creat new im always getting ban this shit gaben he want player back but i can play im always getting ban shit

                    Woodchuck Bongo

                      My cavern crawl is going great thanks for asking :)


                        It would be nice to see Muerta convert physical damage into magical, through a passive. (PoE players will understand what i mean). And maybe built-in ethereal, but this may be too OP.

                        Hope to see the rework of Arc Warden aghs, playing against even mediocre Arc player is a nightmare, no fun at all. When i see Arc in the enemy team i just lose all hope of winning.

                        Need to nerf SF. Standing on the other edge of the map when he ults, still getting 10000000 seconds fear. Its okay when he euls you and ults, but if i am a support staying in backlines and still getting feared for who knows how long, how tf i am supposed to save my carry?

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                          Puck needs a buff. They killed him in the last patches, 110 manacost on orb is ridiculous and the travel speed too. They nerfed the talents and the orb :(. Killed the hero that already has 0 armor and no base damage. Qop needs a buff too :(


                            Map needs a total rework, the old 6.8x map(s) were much better because they allowed for more map knowledge to help separate the boys from the men.

                            Witch Blade should be left as is.

                            Silencer should be nerfed.

                            I half agree with the ward/deward support roles during laning.

                            Healing salve should be put back the way it was. Stupidest update ever.

                            There should be more banner creep like mechanics that help the support role maintain steady income.

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                              We didn't have ward battles as supports in the laning phase when Jungling was a viable role.


                                I agree with hater about Witch Blade. The heroes mentioned in the article (Lina, Storm, Void Spirit and QoP) all have winrates between 45 & 50%. That's pretty ideal.

                                The reason Witch Blade feels mandatory is because there are so few items that give Int and Armor. Adding another item is the better solution than nerfing Witch Blade.

                                Edit: I forgot about Veil of Discord (like everyone else). The _best_ solution would be to buff that item to Witch Blade's level.

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                                  Terrorblade need his metamorphosis range talent back , guy is ok most of the time but late game feels like hard for him without his range talent


                                    For me, as a pos 5 player, Dire jungle seems 100x times better. As a ranged support, let's say hero like Hoodwink, I can stack 3 camps easily, and multiple times. I can't do that in radiant jungle anywhere. Most I can do is stack 2 camps and even then I'd need to waste a spell (Acornshot), while in Dire jungle I can either stack 2 camps for 0 mana or 3 camps for 75.
                                    Another reason is, I can have rune vision AND block Radiant jungle large camp WITH A SINGLE WARD that is impossible to find without explicitly knowing it's there. (Behind the trees of the large camp near radiant bounty rune).
                                    So I think Dire has a clear advantage in terms of jungles and I don't know why is it not addressed anywhere. I can't be the only one to notice this.

                                    I'd personally like to see some Zeus/Slark vision abuse nerfs. Again, as a pos 5, if I'm playing against any of those I feel like I'm either forced to place some super shitty niche wards in hopes of them never being noticed or not placing them at all to give enemy free easy gold and exp. My solution would be to prevent Zeus from seeing wards with Thunderbolt (He'd still see invisible units as usual, just not wards) and rework Slark's ult so maybe it's only triggered if you're under a unit's (not wards) vision.
                                    I'm sure there might be better solutions, but those are the ones I could think of.

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                                      FOR AN OLD HOUND LIKE ME I would love to see nerfing gold given from kills overall. Back in the days there was more farming and less killing. Those going for kills were falling behind very fast unless finishing the game quickly when not farming. Thats what Dota was and now its turining more towards ganking all the time.

                                      Also I hate that double glyphs on HG. I mean wtf is this ?

                                      And pls bring back Chens dmg to creeps. Its nerf made this hero even more dependable on your team.


                                        I wish for the trilane meta to be back


                                          Here's my wishes for 7.33:
                                          1. Make taking damage remove invisiblity on heroes.
                                          2. Buffing Alchemist, Batrider, Broodmother and Lina: Alchemist's laning phase is weak whenever any other ability outside from Unstable Concoction is maxed during early game, which can make him nearly useless if he is not farmed. Batrider's laning phase is bad as he lacks attack speed and attack damage in order to farm and Sticky Napalm does little to solve that problem. Broodmother's laning phase is seriously awful and she lacks attack damage without Insatiable Hunger, her spiderlings need spell immunity as they die way too easily, her Silken Bola is nearly useless and weak and her Aghanim's Scepter upgrade is completely worthless. Broodmother needs a serious rework that will make her stronger because her current skillset is weak and almost useless. Lina's durability is awful and her new Aghanim's Scepter is one of the worst things that ever happened to her as her new Flame Cloak ability from Aghanim's Scepter feels very ineffective and nearly useless.
                                          3. Nerf Ancient Apparition, Dark Willow, Earthshaker, Marci, Mirana, Ogre Magi, Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Silencer, Sniper, Skywrath Mage, Ursa and Witch Doctor: Ancient Apparition's Chilling Touch is bad enough to deal against in the early game, but once Ancient Apparition gets Aghanim's Scepter, he can use it at any time he wants to the point that even Black King Bar can become nearly useless against Ancient Apparition. Dark Willow's many disables from Bramble Maze that roots, Cursed Crown that stuns after a delay, and Terrorize that fears in combination with Shadow Realm that makes her untargetable and almost invulnerable while also making her next attack deal big magical damage at ludicrous range, and with Aghanim's Scepter and Moon Shard, she feels almost invincible, Earthshaker's Enchant Totem is way too powerful than it should be as it deals ludicrously high attack damage, and when upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter and combined with Blink Dagger, Earthshaker becomes nearly too fast to disable, and approaching him in numbers is too dangerous as that will just amplify the damage from his Echo Slam. Marci's Dispose is such a disease to deal with and whenever she has Unleash combined with Skull Basher and Black King Bar, dealing her becomes very harder than it already is. Mirana's Leap and Moonlight Shadow makes her almost uncatchable, and the stun from her Sacred Arrow can last for too long when hit from afar before one even gets a chance to fight back. Ogre Magi has a fairly unfair advantage from high cast range on Ignite which he can rapidly spam with Multicast, also Multicast being able to affect items in combination with Hand of Midas can make him outcarry most of the enemy heroes. Phantom Assassin has way too powerful laning presence because her skills have way too big cast range, meaning she can almost freely harass and appear out of nowhere before one can react, has a ludicrously overpowered attack damage from Coup De Grace and Stifling Dagger (Stifling Dagger being able to apply Coup De Grace as well as damage and disable from items on a chance seems way too unfair), and even tanky heroes can become weak against her once she gets Fan of Knives from Aghanim's Shard. Shadow Fiend's Requiem of Souls becomes nearly unavoidable when Shadow Fiend has Black King Bar, Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Arcane Blink and it's fear duration can be way too long. Silencer's way too powerful laning presence from constantly spamming Arcane Curse and Last Word can force someone to go for Black King Bar. Sniper's Shrapnel spam and very high attack range from Attack Aim make it nearly impossible to lane against him, and once he gets Mjollnir and Moon Shard, he's almost invincible. Skywrath Mage's constant spamming of Arcane Bolt can force someone to give up laning and once Skywrath Mage gets Rod of Atos and combines it with Ancient Seal, he's almost invincible as that combo can burst heroes before they can even retaliate. Ursa's Fury Swipes being able to affect Roshan and being able to quickly get Aegis of the Immortal and combine it with Enrage and Black King Bar makes it too difficult to kill him for real, and whenever Ursa has Blink Dagger and Abyssal Blade, any attempt of defending or escaping becomes almost unavailable. Witch Doctor being able to use his Death Ward two times in a row (first from Death Ward, then from Voodoo Switcheroo from Aghanim's Shard) can make him almost unkillable.
                                          4. Return these Neutral Items: Return Fae Grenade, Quicksilver Amulet, Leveler, Imp Claw, Phoenix Ash, Repair Kit, Keen Optic, and Spider Legs. And remove these Neutral Items: Pig Pole, Lance of Pursuit, and Havoc Hammer.
                                          5. Return these Main Items: Necronomicon. And Remove these Main Items: Gleipnir, Falcon Blade, Bracer, Wraith Band and Null Talisman.


                                            -add a 5v5 game mode, but only in the middle lane, increase it a little, I remember in LOL when this game mode was very popular, I think it will come here
                                            -добавить режим игры 5 на 5 , но только на средней линии, увеличить ее немного, помню в ЛОЛ этот режим игры был очень популярен, думаю и тут зайдет.

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                                              Just a big change of the game in general, wanna get surprised :)


                                                Kunkka really needs to get buffed. For example 30 level Kunkka with 5 divines + daedlus + any t5 item can't even kill vissage in his splash crit + few more hits in a row. (Vissage 0 items)
                                                That's just one example but even for other heroes take one plate mail and you will survive still. Tbh mechanic from a few years ago when choosing to splash over a creep or even better range creep made a difference cause of the armor being calculated depending on that factor.
                                                Beside that hero is sitting on 43% win rate on dota pro tracker, which is farily low. Hero was mostly ignored on TI as well with only 5 games with 40% win.


                                                  I do not like Troll Warlord since they changed his Ultimate. Not saying they should change it back, but as it is now, it's a case of pop at the most optimal moment and hope for the best. It can be countered easily with disarms, disables, and kiting. A lot of the time often it just doesn't feel fun to use it.

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                                                    all mute = full focus mod...

                                                      change the map


                                                        The game has an item for magical and physical damage reduction, now with the wraith pacth nerf there is no item for pure team damage reduction. There must be that item to balance...


                                                          AM should be nerfed.
                                                          Cuz I hate him.


                                                            Drow ranger should be nerfed.
                                                            Cuz I hate her.


                                                              i think that dota 2 needs new heroes and new items to to keep players that backed to play 'cause swag bag or anime a new game mode sounds good

                                                              Tiny Airlines

                                                                Add an option to disable chat wheel sound effects.


                                                                  When my Fairy Dragon come back?
                                                                  Orb speed is painful slow now. Hard to hit or escape.


                                                                    Dota is essentially becoming a brawler and spell spamming game. All the unique heroes are slowly losing their uniqueness because will the past 10-15 patches their uniqueness makes them a pain to balance and they want the game to care less about drafting. Almost every hero now has some form of mobility or aoe wave clear or something so drafting is fairly pointless to a degree, or at least not as much as it used to be.

                                                                    As for the new patch, the map objectives are extremely contrived. They add nothing to the game really except right-click inflation. The teleporters and wisdom runes can be seen as a more "throughtful" addition because its another take on TP scrolls and tome of knowledge which were already integral to Dota. The map increase is fine, but they need to remove the map objectives and make something that is not "location specific" that encourages freeform plays that progress the game naturally the dota has always been which is get towers, get ancient.