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    Il Separatio

      Sorry for my ignorance. What do you mean with "despite sometimes being oppressive on a global scale" on the Treant Protector part of this blog post?


        Weekly quest still bugged ?



          It is hard to play vs. constant regeneration and extra armor. Laning stage tends to be longer in lower MMR games and Treant can essentially win two lanes with a well used living armor

          Abyssal D2

            Time to finally get rid of Treant's useless Eyes in the Forest...


              As a tree player I feel like a lot of his issues come from the numeric power of his skills and partly how the hero functions in fights. The power of living armor is high, global cast range, +12 armor, can be used on towers, but at 180 HP gained over 30 seconds at max level it is pretty much only good when cast before starting fights (i think this is a good thing) and feels bad to cast on towers (this is an issue). I think his Q either needs a damage buff, or a duration buff. Personally I think his W is his best spell (outside of his ult), but its far to susceptible to dispels, laning against a dispel hero is miserable as tree, and playing the mid game vs BKBs and lotus makes it so hard to gain value out of your powerful AoE heal from Leech Seed. He is pretty gold hungry too, the shard is a must buy IMO, then getting items like Holy Locket, Wraith Pact, Blink or Refresher can be an uphill battle. Buying meteor hammer feels bad on him right now and I don't think is great at higher MMRs either, so you have to get farm with your Q, but it doesn't do enough to clear a creep wave reliably without being maxxed, but its the skill you max last most games.

              My conclusion on tree is that he is very dependent on what his allies picks are and is probably a bit too weak without items. I could see offlane tree being good, but when the offlane role is so impactful right now, tree doesn't make the cut.


                What heroes were ignored(no picks no bans) in TI11, and were there heroes who saw bans but no picks?