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    Forgot to mention Silencer interrupts enemies trying to deposit candies in the well. With orchid/refresher, you can effectively interrupt them repeatedly and not allow a single candy to be dropped for quite some time since there is a pretty hefty cooldown on the candy channel.

    Also first?!

    تبول على السرير 420

      Underlord ultimate is also overpowered in this game mode.


        the quest give tango to allies bug ? i just give tango several times but quest dont complete , and second one about use eul or force staff to enemy its mean we use to enemy or to ourself kinda confuse .


          tango quest work in bots after you dissasemble sange and yasha. bugged.


            What about the force or eul mission, is it ok or bugged too ?


              lifestealer can ult in a creep and can spit infinitely. bruh moment


                Lifestealer is #1 ban because of Infest Greevil abuse