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    the much awaited article, thanks!



      They call me weak

        Last year I follow poll this website make and lose all points


          will tinker even get picked that much to make the 5 game minimum? unpicked/unbanned in lcq atm iirc

          playing titan quest

            Prediction for teams and players pls :)


              i think psg can play tinker, also stromstormer from eternity and bzm

              JIVE TURKEY OF THE DAY

                teams and players plz


                  Just pick Ame and LGD for every prediction and you'll be safe


                    I also wanted to share something about my prediction for Players prediction. I already have it sorted out from their previous stats including regional and LCQ, but it's still up to you guys.
                    Pure has the most or with a very good stats this qualifiers so i'll arrange the answers from 1-10(Player with highest kill avg up to Player that plays the most different heroes)
                    1. Pure 2. Somnus 3. Pure 4. Fishman 5. Fishman 6. 23Savage 7. 23Savage 8. Pure 9. Pure 10. Abed

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                      For Team Predictions, I also based and filtered the games, the duration and in-game stats and eliminated the teams that are no longer in the list of TI contenders and I'm hoping for PSG.LGD to win also.
                      1. PSG.LGD 2. RNG 3. Soniqs 4. Soniqs 5. Entity 6. Liquid 7. Hokori 8. Liquid 9. Betboom 10. EG

                      Slim Shady

                        Where can I see the results?