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Seroj Unchained

    Yes please. Will be wonderful if you cover the previous weeks as well, at least the bonus ones, maybe all in one post

    Mr Gold

      yeah, i'd like that too

      Snabriel Snarsch☕

        the networth quest as a sup 5 main is a pain


          Please keep doing it! I always learn or remember ways to do some quests that i didnt know or that may seem obvious but i sleep on them.


            love the fact that you are creating articles related to this! Keep it up!

            solo de mi

              are u gonna do TI predictions for most banned most picked highest winrate heros etc this year too? if so when??

              Nemesis 041

                Great, now that you mentioned the quests are completable in co-op bots, now they're gonna patch that.


                  Support WR! Ceeeeeeeeeeeebbb!


                    Will there be an article for the battle pass predictions?

                    solo de mi

                      TI predictions when ???