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15 კომენტარი

    Boomer tide still working at my level. Just afk away at the ancients and buy time with ravage and maybe some gush pickoffs. Lategame is a free win anyways with a hero like tide.

    Mad Bullets

      i'll do you one better, who is Tidehunter?


        What is Tidehunter?

        Brünk Hüll

          Nobody yet has asked h o w is Tidehunter

          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

            Comment section is brutal. I do care about Tidehunter :(
            I miss the +250 damage talent at lv25 :')

            facet hater

              make anchor smash dmg + reduction pierce BKB again!!


                Tide isnt even bad wtf

                Shard literally made him relevant again...

                she let me hit because im...

                  anchor smash bkb pierce would be chill


                    pretty sure tide is in a fine spot. how can he be called bad. one of the best ults in dota 2 can single handedly win teamfights. his laning is fine and he even has a stun without ult.


                      just make anchor smash pierce bkb without the effect already, like all other similar skills to it (dawbreaker q, pango q etc)

                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                        I agree, anchor smash should pierce bkb like it does before, come on icefrog!

                        Snabriel Snarsch☕

                          i'll do you one better
                          WHY is tidehunter?


                            Ravage feels like a muskito bite while a decent black hole can feel like a carcrash


                              I'll try something better
                              How is Tidehunter?


                                The problem is also that Ravage is not as powerful spell as it was 5-10 years ago. Now with Ahganims and Shards, every hero can do crazy things, and Ravage is... meh.