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Jakiro TacoBell

    Imagine if the top Dotabuff comments were like the top comments on porn videos:
    "What's the hero's name??" 👍👍👍👍👍
    "I could really use a Batrider like that right now"👍👍👍
    "Look at that huge Batrider"
    "Are you blind? Look at the top of the page"👍👍👍👍👍
    "Que linda batrider!" 👍👍
    "Where can I find a good f-ing Batrider???"👍


      As immortal player i'd say if you play batrider anywhere but mid you get instantly bullied. And not for a lack of reason.
      Offlane batrider just can get brutally countered at picks. Thats where 45% come from really.
      You get unlucky to see jugg or slark in 2nd phase picks? Instaloss. Also Omniknight and Abaddon being meta supports are pure pain. They counter him with almost zero effort.

      The Local Legend

        No mention of the witch blade build