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    Mars and Puck are objectively weaker heroes, but I think PA is still situationally strong. Especially against fewer stuns, the fact that she can lifesteal out of her W definitely makes her a better hero against certain heroes compared to her pre-7.32 version.

    Just not a carry hero to spam every game in higher mmr.

    One Fourth of a Concubine

      Enjoyed the use of they/them for puck pog


        What about Pugna? Look what they've done to my boy! Wtf is that scepter buff, totally useless in most scenarios. Also no more spell protection from nether ward? Give him a chance.

        Miss Morbster

          Nerf PA more plz valve already sold the arcana


            I still find it ridiculous that PA has a shard ability for 1400g that is equivalent to a 5k item (silvers edge). Just make the fan of knives break her as well should do it so the player has to be more careful when to use it.

            Friendly Spider

              Unless I missed something, Mars can't do spearback's anymore since like 7.26c... Which is like 2 years ago.


                My wr on mars this pacth is about 75%, if you're just playing average mmr pubs like I am (3.5k mmr) then you can make anything work if you play well. Getting stuck following the meta and playing heroes you suck at can be a trap.


                  @Friendly Spider
                  I am not talking about a glitch where you use spear on your portrait, but rather the general ability to get someone out of position not "just stunned" with your spear. On top of it, there is a way to skip the turn animation before spear by using Bulwark in the direction you want the Spear to ultimately go, then using Blink with your back facing forward (which is possible because of Bulwark) and then using the Spear.


                    The best hero is dawnbreaker