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    Essa é dos guri


      How about biggest losers


        @Dotabuff do you guys proof read your articles? I couldn't get through the PA section without getting distracted by several grammar mistakes

        Low Priority Player

          A hero's winrate can change if its counter hero is nerfed or buffed. That is the main reason many heroes are affected.


            this writer seems to just mass write articles at this point like even if essence shift gets increased by 5 seconds u still take 2 levels of it unless ure facing a double range lane. PLUS the buff to it was 7.31d not 7.32, a better example of the patch would be Clinkz getting his Q to shoot 6 shots at level 1 so u don't have to worry about maxing it early on since ur damage comes from maelstorm anyway.


              Haha. Just 7.32b and this article not actual (Hello PA and welcome back to low winrate)

              Het magische kiertje

                Doom got some nice buffs too


                  let me guess, fucking tinker isnt it


                    Slark's buff to his pounce feels stellar too. Getting a free 3 stacks of essence off a pounce makes pickoff kills that much faster and easier.