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    "hopefully addresses the pace of the game" Is the pacing too fast? I think it's fine tbh. First?


      new hero


        Think they're referencing bkb pacing in particular. While a faster meta isn't necessarily a bad thing, the reliance on bkb this patch certainly invalidates a lot of heroes.


          when I read the title I thought they were reffering to crystal maiden xDDD


            I dont think anyone can be fully prepared for Crystal Maiden... That +5 Movement Speed from the last few patches made her unstoppable again.

            Well, the new heroes should be added to CM now, that they will have time to iron out the kinks before TI.


              games are a little too fast now imo..

              I think should be slower


                Game is pretty speedy rn


                  Bring on the BKB nerfs. Make it a flat 6 seconds duration, and make the recipe cost 500 gold more. That or make more spells pierce spell immunity. Tired of drafting a spellcaster and then being useless in a teamfight from carry that rushed BKB.


                    marci has no initiation tool whenever her team is not around. It feels like you can do nothing when you are solo ganking and catch someone alone in woods.


                      with attack speed and big damage, she can be monster.