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      None of these tips help you level up your game in any significant way. Some bad habits that I see way more and would be much more helpful to readers is like farming the deadlane as a carry, tping to the deadlane as a carry, playing on the wrong sides of the map when you're ahead as a team, stuff like that. Strategy mistakes.


        Other than the midlane tip, the other tips are just “outlooks” on the meta rather than tip, especially the poverty one. No one in pubs is aiming for poverty anyway especially lower ranks.

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              Can someone from the Dotabuff Team or from this lovely Community tell me if I'm doing something wrong from my last support heroes matches please?


                @Razor: I buy wards on my lower UnRanked matches xd


                  Most of the tips here apply to the higher end of the mmr bracket I guess.

                  teardrops on my guitar

                    someone show this to nigma bcos all they've done is 4 protect 1 kekl


                      another dota mechanics post for my friends I'm trying to introduce to the game


                        its just game, for fun.
                        my friend always says fun. only fun

                        Friendly Idiot

                          @The Ancient One It's hard to make assumptions based purely on what you can see on a Dotabuff, but have you considered Forcestaff or Glimmer Cape? Being able to save a core without relying solely on your abilities separates beginner supports from more experienced players ;-)

                          I also see you regularly play with only boots of speed, they're worth upgrading!


                            @Peepin' Percy: Thanks! Much appreciated!