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    boring patch. boring game. not bothering to play until new patch.


      I've really enjoyed 7.30! I feel like the game has been in a pretty good state of balance, at least for pubs. Multiple heroes and strategies seem viable, which is really healthy for the game.

      I'm surprised nothing was said about support weaver! I've seen the hero more often as a support than a carry recently. I feel like support weaver is sure to be nerfed in the next patch.


        kaya sange, refresher orb, 6 second bkbs, armlet need desperate changes

        Я хочу быть твоей спермой

          has Tinker lost the ability to farm? But what about a laser that allows you to handle stacks of ancient creeps with pure damage? In fact, the ability to quickly vacuum the forest and lines was abandoned, but the need to buy travel shoes was eliminated and, in addition, a means was introduced to protect against blink dagger knocking down. The hero is definitely unbalanced, which I talked about during the rework, while the "experts" said that the hero was killed and 40% of the winnings are now the limit for him

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          Slim Shady

            Dead game + ratio + pinball better

            Slim Shady

              Game for sweaty turbonerd


                ^Thanks, all of us wholeheartedly appreciate and agree with the description and we are not going to change)


                  stayed too long. time to change..

                  The last bad patch was 6.86

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                    I hope the new patch is a game changer, I haven't played in 3 months because it's so stale.


                      Who else can lay claim to single-handedly getting a hero hard-nerfed like Collapse did to Magnus

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                        7.30 has been a good patch. But still, we need a steady diet of "throw that meta out of here" to keep things fresh and people engaged and playing. This is why we need new patches... The meta does move quite nicely even within a patch, but still it does get stale after a while and new changes props up new things and makes something else better than it was before and I especially enjoy the theory crafting and new ways to win more than anything else...



                          Off the top of my head:

                          Jerax — Earth Spirit
                          Cr1t — Dark Willow
                          Fy — Tusk, Io and Rubick, though the latter was like a constant stream of nerfs/reworks + YapZor really helped
                          Universe — Dark Seer, though not necessarily him alone
                          Puppey/Kuroky — Chen/KotL, both contributed quite heavily to both and forced Valve/Icefrog to constantly play around with summon/send to base abilities the heroes had
                          Aui_2000 — Elder Titan, The hero lost the ability to stop spirit return with Stomp because Aui abused it quite heavily)
                          Miracle — Invoker. Part of it was Miracle, part of it was talents, but we can't deny that at some point around late ~2016 Invoker started getting weaker and weaker
                          Bulldog — Nature's Prophet/Lone Druid
                          K1 Hector — Wraith King. Seriously, the way the hero is played right now is like 95% K1 and the hero is substantially weaker

                          There are probably more)

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