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Blessed By Him



      100+ millions of ppl watched last patch cinematic of LOL (the game older than dota2 by 2 years). How many ppl watched last patch dota cinematic? Few tousends? This game is dying and good for us. No more wasting time for this crap game. They refuse to do something with matchmaking so ppl leaving. They took last money 2 years ago and decided to not improve. Just give ppl some skins and they think we r stupid and we dont know what is all about.


        @bastet then go and play lol.


          I tried lol but its impossible to play that game after dota
          Graphics are shit , looks like a fucking cartoon game
          Too many one shots that make no fun at all

          Slim Shady

            ^ Pretending like dota 2 does not look like garbage lol

            I can count the pixels on some models

            Also is dota not more cartoonish than LOL? I always liked dota more for that