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    Small typo in the title don't need the second is


      I would consider it a big typo.

      SB is a simple hero that works quite well because he does what he does perfectly and doesn't need you, as a player, to be incredibly good mechanically to have a big impact. Of course, if you're a behind in a game you're pretty much the sacrificial lamb that starts the TF, but even then you can at least "do" something.

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      Get Destroyed

        I feel like they should give bulldoze some sort of supporting aspect to it to make him more viable


          Huskar crying in conner...

          Right now at least by Dota Plus worst hero now is Furion.


            Idk why people keep crying about heroes that dont get picked in pro games . Sb , same as pre skeleton spelll wk and many other were easy heroes to play . They were easy to play so that player can focuse on the general gameplay and not need to worry about heroes demands in skill. There are begginer heroes in dota , and they dont need to be buffed to the point that they get picked in in tournaments .


              Easier to play = easier to counter..

              Also, SB is too greedy for a support, doesnt scale as a core.. thats why he's ignored.


                The hero scales very well. As a core he mostly suffers from too many bad matchups mid and too slow to farm until he has levels and items.

                Uncle Runkle


                  just gonna throw that in there. no its not.


                    Eh he's situationally good, especially with some farm, but he's too easily countered by euls right now to play in pros I'd say


                      I mean, didn’t Xiao8 run Bara mid when he was standing in for NothingToSay for 1-2 tournaments? They won several matches with that composition. I feel like it’s certainly within reason


                        Same heroes are more geared to be funny pub heroes (spirit breaker, pudge, techie, meepo) and some are geared toward a more organized/professional playstile (Chen, IO). It's perfectly fine. Not every hero needs to fit in the professional scene.


                          The Rizpol meme build is literally just smurfing at herald level. Space cow needs some love right now.

                          sad and depressed (i like...

                            The answer is no. Its actually quite legit pos3 hero atm, not the worst pos4 either. Obviously its better in lower ranks, but even in divine+immortal the hero is quite alright, especially as a core. With the aghs build you one-shot waves with charge. You also have a ton of bkb-piercing disable and mobility. He is just great if you can survive the lane :


                              Hero is fine, on the scale of worst heroes in dota I’d say he’s somewhere in the middle. I could name at least 20 I’d say are worst before spirit breaker comes to mind

                              Brünk Hüll

                                I was talking with some buddies about the worst hero in Dota recently and Bara didn't make the list. He isn't particularly great, but I think you can actively win games with him. While I'm no pro I'm still fairly confident there are worse heroes. Huskar, Treant, Bounty, and Centaur all feel worse to me right now.

                                Prince Warhero

                                  my opinion they overlooked him a bit especially because he has abilities to counter bkb

                                  Zvezdnoe Leto

                                    На русский решили не переводить вовсе?!


                                      Speed up his BAT and backswing when hitting. He's 100% broken.

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                                        I see bara picked a lot right now, where's this coming from? He's at the very least a good Marci counter, which gives him something to do in quite a few games right now.


                                          Qojqva would like to know your location

                                          Я хочу быть твоей спермой

                                            The bull has only 5 problems:
                                            1) Extremely small and extremely unstable damage
                                            2) Poor survival rate (too low increase in strength and agility for a hero who has to climb under towers and into crowds of heroes at early levels and with minimal value)
                                            3) It is not possible to mine gold at the expense of creeps (I remind you that there is also not much damage to heroes)
                                            4)Charge is easy to interrupt. Here I think there is nothing to say so everything is clear.
                                            5) There are a lot of unreasonably tenacious heroes in the game now, who cannot be killed for charge + ultimate (which is worth one WR having +3.0 strength per level and complete invulnerability from attacks)

                                            PS: for 10 years in dota I have more than 2k games on the bull and I understand what I'm talking about


                                              xiaoshit's signature hero... ROFL. Trash hero for trash player


                                                @ael I know you didn't just link a fucking Rizpol video to show a hero is strong, I could win with literally any hero if I played 5k below my actual rank


                                                  Dude, in my opinion Bara is a heroe to get fun game, his strenge is a lot, I don't know how ppl say that his strength is low, and who cares about agility if u are strength heroe? strengh heroes normally don't have so much agiity, look at Tiny xD, this heroe is not played right naw, cuz other heroes get extreme buffs and bara doesn't have any change, but, can be the worst? I don'c care, u can get an ez game if u know play Bara or ez lose if u don't know, is not easy to play like someone put in the coments before that, u need to see the minimap all the time, iniciate if u need, u need to buy tanky items, correct use of bull, don't use ulty whathever u want, charge with ur team (except if is a supp and u can kill him and get out fast), but at the same time is too easy to play, this heroe doesn't requiered too much skill to make his combo.

                                                  And is not easy to kill him if he has bull, but if he havn't is too easy to kill, but naw, u need to know that he is tanky and his team can come, and like a good bara u had high MS so he is going to try to run on the direction of his team to can comeback in the fight.
                                                  Obviusy all of this is in pubs, (rankeds or unrankeds), this in a tournament is totatly diferent, in a tournament Dota 2 transform in other game, proplayers need teamfight and bara is not good on TF, is good on make pickoffs, and pros know how to play against this type of heroes, that's why we don't see Barathorm in tournaments but yes in Pub games, also if u watch proplayer pubs u can se some Bara.... all depends of the type of game u prefer, u can love Pudge or hate him, same with Bara :)


                                                    MUCHO TEXTO XD


                                                      please don't play SB as a pos 4... everytime i have one on my team as a 4 we lose the lane and then the game


                                                        Wow this post aged well lmao


                                                          yeye,hero that can create AOE bash is bad XD,also someone said the point of this hero was for beginners.

                                                          Shakey Jake

                                                            It's ironic because now he seems to be in most of my games these past few days aha. I know what you are saying though, he is quite basic.

                                                            Big Game Hunter

                                                              This did not age well. He's in basically all pub games now. *at a good winrate as well (above 52% in divine+)

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                                                              Slim Shady

                                                                I see him almost every game lol i dont think people consider him trash