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    Lina feels to fast; he movement speed buff could be reworked into fix-value increments instead of an %-based increment.
    Tiny feels absurdly unbalanced; the armor bonuses should be reworked with lower values -- each increment might be 30% lower than the previous increment at the same level.


      Jokes on us, they will still nerf sven and gyro, as is tradition, it was a mistake that 7.30 buffed his cast point on his stun, they meant to nerf it, along with his base attack speed, armor, and ult duration. Soon Sven will no longer have 325 MS, and will attack slower than tiny.


        this loading screen is ballz


          buff brewmaster...
          no one plays LD because he takes too long to get online

          magnus nerf incoming


            WD Arcana when