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    why no PSG.LDG's players ? LUL


      because either secret or spirit are playing double matches, psg only one

      Luiz Inácio

        Double matches are more important. My bronze Emo scored 78.80 today and IG got obliterated.


          I went Matu Yatoro Ame Miposhka Yapzor since it logicallly makes sense to go for secret but spirit are just so unpredictable I can't go all in.

          Going for 2 spirit doesn't look that good tbh. I expect lower finals to be most likely 2-0 either way and PSG are either going to stomp the winner or play long point rich games which does make them a reasonably safe bet. But that's just my gut feeling really.

          I would go for 2 lgd but if Spirit won it would launch me over those who went all secret since he's really popping off. And Spirit supports have been pretty underwhelming


            BTW thanks for your posts @KawaiiSocks, you've been extra helpful and saved me a huge load of time and effort


              Thank you so much KawaiiSocks, I really appreciaite your work since Day 1.


                I'm hard stuck between torontotokyo and nisha which to choose is very hard..

                Tt is on great spree he gonna do lots of damage tommorow.


                  But secret is formidable team
                  And has higher chances of winning.


                    Heh, monk TORONTOTOKYO or NISHA is the big dilemma for tomorrow.

                    I think secret will win, but heh, wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong




                        I have gone for nisha fingers crossed,
                        I hope they win .


                          seriously this year is the hardest compared to the last 2 fantasies I had. Back in 2017, I went all in for all 5 Liquid members and got it correct (as they came all the way from LB). In 2018, I got it all correct again as well as I went for all five LGD players - (they got knocked out of UB on the penultimate day and played from LB on the last day). This year as kawaii said, Ame's stats are COMPARABLE to an offlaner who would play a BO3 prior the GF. So this year I put some LGD players solely for the reason of assured stats.


                            Thanks for kind words. There were a couple of crucial miscalculations, especially with Fnatic and OG, both in their elimination series against Team Spirit.

                            But, Team Spirit defy logic and statistics. Perhaps I should have put them in today as well, but even if Spirit loses, CIS Doto is finally back in Top3. With two extremely young squads and none of the veterans. Already, I couldn't be happier.


                              Guy what is this team thunder and team hide?


                                Lol i knew i should have picked toronto for today 🤣🤣🤣 TS in finale lol



                                  Btw how many points did ya all scored??
                                  I got 2550
                                  I don't think would be in top 10% 🥺🥺🥺🥺


                                    in the end I got 3192.6 points good for top 99.9% but not global top 100


                                      Lol even with my 2550 points i still got into top 10 percentile ,i got 95%, so antani how many compendium levels did you get?