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    Cores: Matumbaman is also a very valid option, he's very close to the other 4 in average. I honestly have no idea who to pick amongst those 5. And there is even poyoyo who's at the very least worth of consideration. In the end I went with Ame and Arteezy as well, to have a diverse lineup. Arteezy over Nightfall because I don't think VP are going to upset PSG.LGD

    Mid: Nisha, Ori, NothingToSay, Abed, gpk are also valid option. It's a matter of winning 2 solid games, pretty much everyone but LIMMP is a defensible choice. I went with Emo though.

    Support: YapzOr and Whitemon are top 2 by far. Other than those 2 Kaka and Dy are not bad, beyond those the abyss.


      After Sumail (day 1) and Raven (day 2), I would never bet in losing team even if they average is uber high. Stick to whichever players you think will win their series (thus no nightfall for me, sorry but Ame is safer choice)


        why not abed over emo? is the gap between the that large?


          the gap between Emo and Abed is rather large, 3.4 points on average (before cards, with my cards it's 4.6) plus I'm more confident on IG beating Secret than I am in EG beating VG


            btw, yesterday fucked me bad, sub 50 percentile and now 10ish points behind global top 100, it was fun while it lasted


              Same. Fnatic underperformed at the exact same moment Spirit overperformed. Part of me is really happy with all the young, incredibly talented players from my region. Part of me wishes they paid at least a moidcum of respect to SEA veterans.


                Whitemon didn't score a lot, and VG throwing in the towel after 20ish mins also fucked RTZ bad, I think at this point RTZ will score more points losing a very long game 2 and winning game 3.

                Edit: nice VG victory after a 57 minutes and a game 3 for RTZ. At least he can improve over his not-even-12points game 1.

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                卂几Ꮆ3ㄥ丨匚 丂卄

                  well. that last game he scored high. but he still lost


                    Lol that lineup fucked up pretty bad ,ig lost to secret like wtf man😡😡😡😡 totally lost any chances to get into top 10%🥺🥺🥺