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    I think a 4 supporting 1 type of play style with a 1 undying would be really fun to watch in a pro match.

    Seroj Unchained

      Well, after OG's IO, you can't really deny the carry potential of anyone, even Techies or CM

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        Tried it on smurf account and i won 8/8. The thing is it has much more impact as pos 3 then you think. It is most annoying with echo sabre and lvl10 talent extra damage on decay. It allows you to 2shot creepwaves and farm very effectively ancient and neutral stacks with tombstone. Very good hero will be nerfed soon probably


          buy midas on unyding = auto win xD


            Bro you've been much better then when you start months ago but please learn more how to write the blog from Kawaii. When we read blog from dotabuff we expect things like what's the winning rate for Echo Sabre Undying in certain bracket, or the disadvantage of healer Undying versus AA, or analysis on when's Undying's power spike fall off. You can speak out from your experience that's fine (anyone that discounts the experience just because you're not Immortal top 100 are fooling themselves) but when it comes from our favourite site to see dota-related stats we expect to see data to accompany your experience and opinion as well. Cheers for the write-up!

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              Got stomped yesterday by an undying who barely survived laning phase, the mid game potential makes him strong from lane to mid game to now strong lategame, he has potential to play all roles except 4 maybe

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                §ȺŁ₸ƴ ʗȺǷͲѧΐԤ

                  Undying whooped my safelane yesterday (I was in the offlane)

                  He's looking pretty OP if you got a weak lane with some weak players.

                  I'll have to take a look into him tonight when I get on.


                    Its garbadge compared to other offlane heroes, Pos 5 undying is the only & best way to play the hero.

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                      DOTA has endless possibilities have you seen in PRO game series KOTL was in Position 1 and zero deaths at the end of the game its crazy! that's why UNDYING has a great window for CORE hero it emergencies in PUB scene sure will be in upcoming TI you'll never know!.


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