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    Maybe it's just too easy for pro teams coordination and brain to play around him...


      hes melee


        Oh no... new hero that i'm learning please nerf him after i'm done with him


          I think one of the big problems with picking Sven is that it means you're not picking any of the other heroes mentioned in this article...

          Also being melee makes him much easier to kite and he has less high ground presence.

          to the edge of oblivion

            Sven is unplayable. Hero was trash before aghs and is trash now.


              sven was already dying from the pro scene before the nerf; if we had one more tournament on the old patch, he prolly would have <10 games played, and not a lot of ban aswell.
              Sven is trash tier, and most hero that shine against him are good at the moment on top of it


                very funny


                  Tbh , only thing he needed as a nerf was his dispel switched to shard and range reduction , the no free attack nerf killed the aghs for me . Who in theyr right mind would now pay 4.2k gold to close the gap when u can do the same thing with blink (2250 gold) and it even has solid upgrades . Its true that he farms fast but his timing is all he has . If the game doesnt end soon he will simply get outcarred or cc chained as soon as that bkb drops to 6s. Also his win rate is not that of a balanced hero , (46-47% wr compared to lunas 53-54 % wr), its rather on the weaker side of things .

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                    sven with aghanim was strong at first . but then people learned how to play against him and he is not that powerfull , as soons as people learned how to counter him and he turned into a normal hero icefrog nerfed him , and then he turned into a trash hero , other meta carry heroes are ranged , sven is melee, they have very stronger push power , and also luna has heavy magic dmg


                      Anyone who can farm ancients is pretty good right now.


                        too kiteable


                          yeah there exists the problem of him sieging. He's a melee hero (new tree tp spots punish him more than ranged) that doesn't do much without ulting. I could see a quick blink sven appearing on the map and 2 shotting the entire enemy team to win the game though, so I'm sure its a fine pick just maybe a bit too iffy for pros to be comfotable picking him.

                          Jensen I(essere ignobile)

                            Only way he wins is he gets 20 minutes of free farm. Happened against me some games ago. Other than that i'd have luna or tb over sven 100% of the time.

                            Delta P

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                                im currently spaming sven and it looks good tbh, once u get echo and blink with that god strength u can actually farm heroes. im taking overwhelming rather than swift blink too. looks legit


                                  Its pretty stupid of you to think sven is broken he's literally unplayable after tbw nerfs because hes shit and hes bad against whats good

                                  Гладо Veorgijev - Влажљива

                                    Yup he s kiteable, but love him in situations where ur team lose fight, u arive late, ult blink bkb, finiah em off in few hits... John Cena style