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Dirty FeeDeR

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      pudge off


        I will love dawnbreaker even with a 40% winrate. She is finally what omniknight alsways should've been! Tanky, holy and dealing damage! I love that mix of heal and DMG!


          Dark Ciro Gomes

          Brünk Hüll

            aaaaaaand obsolete. RIP

            thats the wrong way kid

              There is no pudge, because he is always tier S hero.


                no humble

                Bicc Thicc Boi

                  where is that ET offlane?

                  enthusiastic fella - PMA`EU

                    Bro this new hero it’s a total joke


                      How about LC and her pretty insane shard?


                        forgot bout phoenix
                        guarranted offlane win with a good 4pos (than forcing fight and winning them cuz of nova)

                        Nemo AKA Need more hoes

                          how do u skip axe


                            Chen via Necronomicon: Sadness