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    Only play TB if you have teammates who can soak the damages for you or just simply create distraction (SB, Earth Spirit, etc) because most of the time if you get focused you just instantly die :/

    Man Blanket

      Man, I'm in trash tier and I know certain heroes are difficult to quantify in terms of win rates. I think Naga falls into that class of hero. She's often picked by players who typically main her or in situations where it's a cheese pick. Naga, Meepo, Visage, Brood, etc. Basically if you can look at a draft and say, "This is a free _____ game" the hero will fall into the low pick / high win rate category. It's reason everyone isn't crying about Meepo's .081% pick / 60% win rate in Divine. That said, Naga feels very good right now. If you like Naga then the first rule about Naga is don't talk about Naga. There's only two counters that seem to give me trouble and that's Axe and Centaur. You can jungle or swap out of lane counters like Jug or LC, Dusa will try to man-up against diffusal, and you can scout ES with decent micro. Otherwise she's a wrecking-ball. The hero finally recovered from the Heart of Terrasque and Diffusal nerfs that made her largely unviable for such a long time. Please, baby, just let me enjoy the game and stop talking about Naga so I can maybe ride her out of Guardian.

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        ^^ actually Heart is now soo good this patch.


          Currently sitting on a 65% win rate with Naga in about 60 games. Since the patch tho it's more like 80%

          Ultra Instinct



              How can anyone talk about illusion heroes without mentioning Dark Seer!?