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    what happened to those people that always come in and spam "first"?
    haven´t seen many of´em lately

    killing without intent



        If your cores are going for bkb, then getting a pipe is not effective. Pipe only works against stupid drafts with mages functioning as cores like against core pugna, veno, zeus etc. I think veno is still strong in pubs cos he just blinks in and ulti and does so much damage you dont even need to think. Then you end up with inefficient items like pipe and cant buy good items like infused raindrop.


          List of niche items that nobody understands when to buy:
          -Solar Crest
          -Crimson Guard
          -Shiva's Guard
          -Kaya and Sange

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              Hey, here's a tip on how to write a good article, use stats instead of the dota 2 changelog

              Modern Apparition

                2 quelling blades on troll is both effecient and lore friendly.

                Agandaur Jowraek

                  Nice article. I learned something new.


                    Good article


                      nice article, giving me new insight of dota2


                        pipe is underrated rest of items yes

                        low prio master

                          Force staff buff incoming for sure

                          submissive & breedable fe...

                            me and my homies hate force staff recipe


                              You ignore the fact that Pipe applies to the entire team, whereas hood applies only to your own hero?

                              Acid Snow

                                Fun stuff, as I really hate blowing 900+ gold on consumables to keep my carry/core alive during the laning phase... But what's a support gonna do :\

                                pepe is here

                                  Well.. Well.. Well