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    Nice article!

    Mr Meister

      I want old Undying Flesh Golem aura back. Increase the cooldown or whatever, I just hate how the focus is Tombstone or even Soul Rip now. Flesh Golem has never had power befitting how sweet some of the models are.


        Over all it feels like a good patch; the subsequent tweak patches will help everything feel rounded out.

        The only two changes I can't understand are the changes to Razor and Bloodseeker.

        Bloodseeker lost so much damage by removing his physical damage amp. You've got to wonder why he lost that without it being replaced somehow. Also, swapping the healing element of Bloodrage with the attack speed in Thirst has made him slower to get online. You now need to prioritise both equally. Then on top of all that he's constantly hurting himself when self buffing.

        Its an odd set of changes an BS is likely to be in a weird place for a while.

        Razor's change is just sad though, with the change to storm surge why didn't they bring back unstable current? Having a passive that only increases his movement speed is boring.


          BS can't pressure opponent in laning. Ty to icefrog.


            good article as always dotabuff!

            Эстонская дивизия CC

              Из БСа сделали помойку, раньше хоть играбельный был - щас невнятная шляпа


                Dazzle continues to crush noob tier games


                  i want LS's passive back ASAP, and i mean it ASAP!!!


                    Bloodseeker magic build is actually needed on his prior patch as well because the previous ability buffed all damage including magic by 30%. Current ability buffs it by 24%.

                    And you still are giving up 22.5% of your max hp every time you cast it.

                    Imagine if veil cost 20% of your hp each time you activate it - nobody would ever buy it. Same with bloodseeker.

                    Clinkz btw has a skill which buffs his attack speed by more than bloodseeker for almost as long and it has no downside, indeed it actually buffs him furthe by giving him 100% evasion.


                      ET position 3 still pretty nutty


                        'Storm Surge no longer provides 2/4/6/8% AoE movement speed '
                        'Storm Surge movement speed changed from 6/10/14/18% to 8/12/16/20% '
                        A skill that offers you just movement speed... Very nice


                          ^^ For a moment I thought Razor 3rd skill also shocks the enemy whenever a spell is cast on him. Then when I looked back at the skill description, I realized you are right. But I think idiots in the game help us win some matches.

                          blinding anger

                            Соре, но новый боник, который может купить домик и всегда иметь крипа на 1400, что позволяет ему бегать 3400 хп, имея пустой инвентарь, и с уроном под 300. Выглядит не очень то балансно. Боник всегда был героем с огромным уроном, но убить которого было просто за любой контроль, сейчас эту 3к тушу пробить просто невозможно.


                              They destroyed Underlord


                                The bloodseeker, razor, and undying changes are disappointing, but I think at least bs with some experimentation can play offlane / pos 4 support. The bloodrage is too hurtful for bs to be a useful damage core, but if you put it on allies who can make good use of it, it might be a good supporting buff (eg. sniper, zeus, wraith king), especially since it still stacks with veil. And making thirst give life recovery allows him to trade better as a support in lane, since you're healing everytime your carry last hits.
                                Razor is just garbage now, with his ulti no longer passively dealing aoe damage he can't even farm that fast so I have no idea what icefrog wants him to do. Mayb a pos 4 support / pos 3 as well? Be in some kill lane against a melee carry perhaps?
                                I've hated undying's ulti ever since it became that 'you need to attack people in order for it to do anything'. Undying is going to be played as a pos 4 / 5 most of the time, you have no gap closers, you have no attack speed, there's no way you can just enter a fight and start right clicking everyone, and then you have no farming abilities so if it drags to late game you are mostly useless, in terms of 'tanky support who can deal damage and heal' people will always go for phoenix instead, so undying needs some obvious buffs before people consider him I think.

                                Tu odio me hace fuerte

                                  Od needs to have int steal back, the hero has been so nerfed in the last years, that made him unplayable. Being able to steal int again would bring him back. (If silencer does it, why not od?).

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                                      LS's passive back asap pls ++++