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    sike :(


      core venge is fine but mid venge = i lose my lane and am now useless.


        I feel mid venge could be a good situational pick as a mid game presence which then transitions into a late game utility if your safelane is a harder carry. The problem with venge core is that nether swap is a bad ability for a core hero because you basically making your enemies beat you up while your team hopefully beats an enemy core up, and it's a bigger loss to you as a damage dealing mid. I think the old aghs would have suited mid venge better as even if you die, you are still a presence in the fight. The new aghs seemed ok only if you have blink or force staff, neither of which really helps you deal more damage.


          The image alone looks really screwed up.

          кмс по проебам

            Venge has abolutely crazy stats like NP but can't farm fast. She wants to play like Riki: buy 1-2 cheap items and go fight non-stop. Not a bad hero with a proper draft and strategy.


              I think the farming can be covered by maxing wave of terror and stacking the camp next to mid, or having a support stack for you, but yea other wise shes a hard fighting midgame core


                They nerfed ET. No more pos 3. Uninstalling

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                  Vengeful spirit must be paired with another hero in the laning stage, or else the aura and the armor reduction she has will go to waste. Venge is a hero that cannot go solo at all costs, even her illusion after death still grants the aura to allies. Furthermore, her power spike falls off very quickly in the mid late game. She will be screwed after 30 mins, after which she will take a support role no matter how well farmed she is. Maybe your games are always under 30 mins, which is why such a horrible article is written.


                    Advices from low tier mmr player to lose game. Understandable, have a great day!


                      Write about Middle lane Clockwerk. This hero very powerful with low-costs Orchid


                        Now seriously, did they ever respect core Venge? I don't think so. She was a support, and had >52% win rate.
                        I often see people underestimating her as a threat.

                        And I'd rather go with today's 50% winrate Venge that is legit on all roles than her high winrate, low farm priority former self.
                        And you?


                          I personally think support venge has always been pretty underwhelming, she feels like a jack of all trades and master of none. she has good disable, bad aoe, and a pretty good save/initiate. I think the way venge is right now is way better than when she was played just as support, and honestly she doesnt fall off that bad late game, her hard counters mostly exist in the opponent draft rather than the fact that she doesnt scale well. If you have a lead, you are a better than carry than most people would think


                            Good content. perhaps a bit more about mid-game movements? Also, could mention about rosh, since it is an aura hero, with good stats and minus armor. Keep it up.