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    Yes, Winter Wyvern is so good.


      CdB, the best 2k team in SA.

      Красный Богатырь

        на виверне надо понимать,что делаешь,заруинить очень легко


          Dark Willow pretty strong support with good aoe damage with more then 3 different debuffs...dunno why people don't pick her.


            You forgot to say that Nether Swap is also one of the best trolling and griefing move in the game :)


              Venge failed in Team Secret's hands vs Nigma yesterday. Nigma dodged fights and split pushed, countering superior teamfight of Secret's draft.

              What really is interesting is that Venge 3 won her lane, but looked underwhelming later, not being able to catch a hero despite having levels.

              Magic Missile never was good, even with 1200 speed they said it's dodgeable.


                Hmmm, these are some strong support heroes given the current meta. Let's nerf CM's movement speed

                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                  ^ actually true lmao


                    To counter wyvern just pick ranged right clickers. As a wyvern player these are my biggest fears in a draft.


                      Ranged rightcliker ? People always pick magic nukers into WW. You cant use cold embrance then.


                        aCRtic Burn typo


                          @Lex yea he has no idea what he is talking about lmao


                            @lex May not make alot of sense but to give you a breakdown. Yes you are correct magic nukes are great for cold embrace so they still die. But when you have heroes like drow, medusa, sniper winters curse becomes useless. I cant use my curse effectively in these games because:
                            they're too far back in the fight and I will die if I try to approach them.
                            If i do curse them everyone else is on the front therefore wont get caught In the curse so the carry does not die.
                            If I curse someone actually on the frontline the enemy backline is the damage and wont get caught therefore that frontline does not die.

                            I only have like 50 games on wyvern but this is what I have gathered at a 60% winrate in those games. My curse targets are typically done so that cursed target will die, to disable an enemy that is not being focused in a teamfight, or an enemy that is running away after we won a skirmish.

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                              Dark willow is a suck support becoz it does mediocre job as a support usually does. Who needs damage when ur cores already do tons of damage xD

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                                Dark Willow is good vs meta heroes like ember spirit and QoP, however she isnt that effective zoo meta heroes. She has bad waveclear which also means she cant kill summons. Hitting terrorise is hard again fast heroes like lycan and brood and bedlam is ineffective vs mulitple targets. Cursed crown on summons is nice however they are all still alive after it has ended. If your team can kill them you probably didnt need to cursed crown them.


                                  Your TI9 predict sucks


                                    ET POS 3 BABY!