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    What about pos 4 qop aghs?


      Pugna no cd? Really?


        @Ashley Lanchester
        yeah, really.

        7.27d enjoyer

          Pugna aghs also increases damage. I feel like that maybe more significant since they lowered the CD on Life Drain.

          kukubird很小, 还没有长毛

            Lion aghs is literally game griefing


              What about weaver?
              Free save every 17 sec


                Started playing Pugna like "walking fountain". It is extremely powerful healing only one main ally - and it is very easy, btw.

                Tu tayta

                  "The Caustic Finale buff is also useful for dealing with heroes such as Phantom Lancer or Terrorblade."

                  It no longer applies on illusions.


                    Weaver? And sniper?
                    Arguably best in the meta rn

                    Low Priority Player

                      Silencer too.

                      Maverick Moriarity!

                        In one fine game Chaos Knight position 4 will come with aghs. Create 4 or 5 illusions of 100% outgoing damage of an ally carry is ggwp!

                        Maverick Moriarity!

                          Without Earth shaker in enemy team, imagine chaos knight with aghs and refresher. Imagine 5 snipers or 5 Drows or 5 arcwardens or any full farmed carries. I feel that's gg. Moreover ck can jungle, roam, with high ms and 4 sec stun. I feel he can turn the game upside down for enemies.


                            Elder Titan aghs?


                              Why no Jakiro aghs? Better cast range, damage and duration. It deals more damage than all the above aghs, it can even kill a stack of ancient camps alone.

                              One Fourth of a Concubine

                                veno sand king and kunkka pos 4.
                                Do you live in 2017 dude.


                                  @Kapten ET is position 3 dude.

                                  Peggle Enjoyer

                                    Mirana aghs but no phoenix aghs? cmon man


                                      Mirana aghs shouldnt be on the list . Its just a farming steroid unlike the other scepters that can heal/stun/disable


                                        sniper, weaver and zeus.



                                          СБЕУ Червь

                                            ммммм гаганим


                                              @Maverick Moriarity!

                                              CK sadly has a new Aghs for quite some time now.
                                              Phantasm now also creates one Illusion of every allied hero (plus dispelling them which is nice)


                                                I know that nobody plays this hero. But since it’s my most played hero I feel compelled to say that the Elder Tian aghs in insane. You can regularly get yourself a 8-10 second BKB on a much shorter cool down. Combined with the lvl 15 spirit damage talent you can just touch their team with the spirit and run at the supports hitting for about 500 damage spell immune.


                                                  oh my god how wrong this article is. Aghanims are generally poor choice for position 4, they have much better options, apart from some aghanims that are REALLY strong. Like weaver, sniper, zeus. And those from article are just underwhelming, lion going aghs is an obvious trolling/griefing

                                                  In The Name Of FOOD

                                                    Qop aghs pos4 . It's good cause just 30s cd. And more dmg