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RosHan Solo

    I'm awaiting the "core" techies post. This hero is killing me inside and definitely the new "Pudge Ban" every game.


      So, what you're saying is mid("pos 2" in terms of lane role) Earth Spirit, but with 3rd farm priority(which is usually associated with the offlaner), and building for utility(again, usually the job of a position 3 offlaner)

      Thicc Thigh Warmommy

        "It is possible to stun multiple enemies with Rolling Boulder"



          I am not 100% sure, but from what I've heard, if two targets are in more or less the same spot (phased into each other, or Vacuum'ed) the stun will connect on multiple targets. I've seen the interaction with multiple creeps stuns, and assumed it might work the same way for heroes. Feel free to correct me, if I am wrong


            LOL multiple stun on ES ? u high or some shit ?


              @KawaiiSocks You can stun an infinite amount of creeps on your way, but in 186 games with ES in the last year I've never seen anything like stunning two heroes at once. Once you hit an ennemy player the roll is over and that's it for the stun. The same goes for the hero damage. You can clear entire creep waves, but you can only damage a single ennemy at a time with W.

              I just went in a demo lobby to be sure and bought phased boots on the ennemy avatar. Stack two of them on top of each other and only one was damaged and stunned.


                Thanks for clarification, will change!


                  Его идеи будут актуальны всегда


                    You might know it already, but with the level 15 damage on roll talent Earth Spirit can clear wave almost instantly by rolling and kicking a creep instead of using a remnant.

                    If it wasn't about mana his low CD spells really help him catching up with farm.

                    When we had amp with int. he could clear wave one shot with roll and kick at level 15, but now you need a nether shawl or the level 20 talent for that since nobody does kaya on ES.

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                      Thanks to your "Everything can work" dossier I lost 400 MMR in 1 week. Dotabuff you are the best of the best in analyzing dota


                        can we please stop this article series it brings nothing but game ruiners in my 4k pub


                          Almost all of the abilities on this hero are skill shot, therefore unreliable. So I wouldn't consider playing him as a core, a healthy habit.


                            Just remember guys, if you lose a game, it’s not your fault, it’s dotabuff’s. If there aren’t any wacky picks on your team, then it’s still not your fault because you are perfect.


                              i usually stomp with him mid, rush vessel then go nuts everytime ult is up.


                                I would say ES spirit as a carry is definitely forcing, unlike when I said I can agree any heroes can support. ES doesn't have scaling attacks and no farm skills, even rolling boulder talent at lvl 15 that allows him flashfarm are already nerfed.

                                This hero has mana problem early game and deals almost no damage on BKB unit late game, no pushing power... not recommended unless you are super good at using ES
                                Also, the thing is carry role are expected to farm fast when the game is serene, which gonna be the worst thing if you use ES

                                I once fight against a spammer ES (lvl 25 dotaplus) which plays too good even for divine rank, he is a supp for transcend into core and can solo gank our carry midgame with SB

                                Dana White Privilege

                                  Everyone talking crap about this post forgetting that this is Topson's most played hero and for a reason.

                                  Yagami Light
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                                    Exploitation of Mistakes

                                      Although in most cases I technically agree with what is being said in these articles I still think they mislead the general public with a title of "Everything can work". When in reality this is pure theory crafting and rarely outlines a pick that will consistently work across the player base in this meta.

                                      Perhaps these articles are only intended to highlight experimental game play in high mmr competitions but to the 99% of readers who see a picture of a hero they like to play and a title of "Everything can work - Insert Off Meta Position" they see an excuse to make that pick themselves.

                                      I typically wouldn't write a response but you would be surprised how much of a negative impact this articles are having on lower mmr pub matches. I'm seeing matches on a daily basis where someone specifically does a pick from these "Everything can work" articles, is questioned by their team as to why they would do such a pick when the team composition doesn't call for it, they in return cite your article and feel fully justified, and as expected the match goes horribly.

                                      These "Everything can work" articles are the equivalent of telling a young adult to try playing the lottery professionally... everything can work after all. When in reality the title should be telling the truth, in rare cases pro players are breaking the meta... not recreating it.

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                                        Your TI9 predict sucks


                                          In fact, he was a great farmer and lane depusher without wasting a single remnant by simply rolling in front of the creep and smashing the first creep. That before the stats spell ampf nerf, was just enough to clear up entire way in a matter of a second.


                                            и из за таких статей у меня в рейтинге появляются индивидумы 1 12