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    They should also make league for dogshit tier .


      Of course providing tier 2/3 team a chance was huge deal (how Beastcoast was basicly peruvian stacks placed 6th in TI was a very welcome change).

      Off to other topic, bringing this change doesn't really help new players to come by (still helping people to stay in semi-pro scene though). Although this attracts people who played other similiar game (such as Khezu from HoN or KyXy from LoL), how to bring more people playing Dota? Is this game destined to die?


        ^^I mean dota should try to make a campaign , no one wants to play a game in which they have to learn 100 things at a time . Thats literally all i can think of . It should be mechanic based like in the first map u have to be able to outfarm the npc , the next map is an allout brawl , target the disruptor in the backline instead of the frontline bb etc . The 3rd map is about item decision , to kill lion make a bkb . shit like that

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          I think at this point, Valve is not concerned with growing the player base. If they were, they wouldn’t have added 60 more items you have to learn with a constant increase to the number of heroes. With that said, I like the idea of a “campaign mode” style tutorial over what they currently have. Or they just create a variation of unranked all pick where there is 50 easy heroes and a reduced number of items. That seems like it would be very easy to implement and would be good for new players.

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            Regarding the fixed slots for each region. In Football/Soccer, there is something called UEFA Coefficient (UEFA is european football ruling authority, like Valve on Dota tournament), which is a valuation system to determine which country is given more slot than other country. So, each region's team performance on big event like Minor/Major/TI will be valued based on their placing. If a certain region got a complete dominance over those events (i.e. OG and Team Liquid from EU Region got top 2 placing at TI9), than those region will be given more slot than other region. It's more of a Merit system, and it doesn't diminished any lesser region because every region will be forced to show their absolute best to earn extra slot. Now it's down to how the system is set if it is truly get implemented. I think a system like this will be ideal, to me at least

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              who is going to watch T2 games when it clashes with T1 games....

              the relegation and promotion system is good tho..

              why not just follow league's system. that one is perfect. (except the splits)

              Brünk Hüll

                You're dang right we won't have runs like OG anymore, and thank goodness, too.

                Listen. TI is the culmination of a year's worth of hard work, and the mere presence of open qualifiers has proven more than once that all the tournaments leading to TI are just practice. In fact, it's been shown to be BETTER to avoid them and keep your strats and mind fresh. Why anyone would want that kind of cheap backdoor means to victory in DPC is beyond me, as it actively discourages players to compete. Think about it: if Ana had played all year long, would he have been as unpredictable and dominant, or would his preferred heroes have been nerfed into the ground like Nisha experienced?

                And now we are seeing other top tier teams doing the same thing. This should have been fixed 5 years ago when Newbee pulled this move. So yeah, I'm happy to see the league value consistent skill over being hot at the right moment.

                Hate noobs

                  I think they should have kept the open qualifiers for TI, at least for one or two places.