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真ま人さと masato

    NNice 1st?


      Yea. I think so.

      Caffeine Genius

        OD is an incredibly strong 10th pick hero. No one wants to get chain imprisoned and lose lane to getting denied.


          So basically the heroes Nigma was spamming the whole tournament..
          Also w33 Od was garbage ,carried by Miracle every game.


            Lich Aghs is very close to a ranged 5 man black hole on an 18 sec cd at max level. With the cast range talent, aether lense, and keenscope/telescope, you can become such a pain for the enemy to deal with.

            One Fourth of a Concubine

              People forget ET gains an incredible amount of armour with his buff which allows you to be near those agi cores. Also ghost scepter exists.


                how can we say that the current meta is in a very healthy state right now when Doom is still a 100% contest rate (at least at the main stage) even post-nerfs. Teams are stuck with Abaddon or Omniknight for Pos 3 with Legion being a real downgrade pick.

                On a side note, I really like teams picking SF and utilizing the fear component of Requiem. It's like having a ravage for a pos 2 that you can use at your disposal even just for cancelling tp-ing heroes in fog.

                კომენტარი შეიცვალა

                  Your TI9 predict sucks