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Exiled Exzo

    Does anyone have a pencil?

    I want to be alone

      time to feed ?

      CoolRash ヽ かぶれ



          Let's go!!

          [TNP's] TNP.Sand

            26 minutes waiiting ...still nothing


              this should be somehow advertised or posted on reddit (i didn't see anything there) as there weren't a lot of players on the first day

              [TNP's] TNP.Sand

                Sad..its doesent working :(


                  If only they had advertised it better, maybe there'd be more than 170 people online


                    So I tried playing a game and someone on the other team never showed up and it said I abandoned the match. Does that count against me?


                      @XV, please let an admin know in the discord. We can remove penalties in the case that an error like that occurs with our abandon / dodge detection.


                        the concept is great, hope you can get more players over the next week


                          actually reach is the same as dota mm. 0 differences

                            კომენტარი წაიშალა

                              If you are not Immortal, there's no point in joining this and it's only a fancy version of ranked matchmaking. You will not be a pro this way. You have better chances of becoming a pro playing with the same people in some random cyber cafe.


                                @oof what are you even talking about, no one how's bellow immortal is expecting to go pro

                                lmao dota xd

                                  I missed a couple days because it was a busy weekend. So is there even a point to trying now?


                                    Your TI9 predict sucks